Thursday, March 29, 2012

Well Done

The choir, 125 voices strong, swelled behind me. I sat in the orchestra, adding my little part to a divine moment. The back of my neck tingled, my stomach fluttered, and my eyes misted at such glory. At the helm stood my husband, conducting the piece he arranged. Every stitch of music used by over 150 performers came through his hands. Every note, every dynamic marking, every rest were placed by him. And when all his work came together with such beauty, I was overwhelmed.

I know how many hours he spends on his music with no guarantee he'll be compensated for the time. I watch him pore over scores on his laptop every evening. I've been alongside him for decades, witnessing his devotion to honing his skills. I know the jabs he takes for calling himself what he is--a composer. I know how often he's felt misunderstood and devalued.

So in that moment, hearing his music come to glorious life, I could barely contain myself. My husband, doing what he was meant to do, stood tall and strong and smiled widely, reveling in the satisfaction of hearing his work performed so well. Because he ignored popular opinion about what constitutes manliness and followed God's call on his life, he created this grandeur. He let God use him to produce the fodder for my goose bumps.

And this amazingly humble, faithful, creator of beauty is MY husband.

Tears well. Gratitude soars.

It is my honor to be this man's wife, to see him live out true manhood by consistently, quietly using and refining the gifts God's given him. With no words at all he teaches me to press on in what God asks, regardless of who understands.

How I love and admire you, my dear husband. I thank God every single day for you. Your example of perseverance and faithfulness inspires me. Our association makes me better. I am blessed because of you.

And indebted to God for His very good gift.

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Denise said...

Such a beautiful, heart felt tribute to your dear husband. May God continue to bless you both.

Charlene said...

It's obvious you are very supportive of your husband, that's always such a nice thing to see. It's wonderful that you share music in common :)

Aisling Beatha said...

WOW, what an experience. You must be SO proud.