Friday, May 25, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 185)

1) Ladies Man tried negotiating for a later curfew for summer weeknights.

Me: Just because you can sleep later in the summer doesn't mean Dad and I can. We don't want to be up late every night waiting for you.

Ladies Man: You don't have to wait up. You can trust me.

I said nothing, only gave him the eagle eye.

Ladies Man: How about if I design a punch card system that proves I got in on time? Then can I stay out later?

Me (being sarcastic): Yeah, that'd work.

Ladies Man: So when I get that figured out, I can stay out later?

Me: Yeah, WHEN you get that done.

I'm not sweating it.

2) There's an owl in a tree in our neighborhood. It totally adds to the effect in our newly remodeled upstairs porch, making you feel like you're in a giant tree house. Isn't this space great?

We just love it up here and have found ourselves spending lots of time reading and writing and composing. It's perfectly wonderful to sit up here in the evenings, a soft breeze blowing through. Squirrels dance across the roof and into trees and then that owl hoots and I can't help but smile. Sigh. What is it about God's creation that soothes?

3) I took all my kids shopping for swimsuits yesterday. It was exhausting. I used to think dragging little kids around the mall was torture, but that was before my children got minds and MOUTHS of their own. I swear people all over the mall were staring at us. Something very LOUD happens whenever all four of my kids get together. Ladies Man gets quite animated for his siblings. Drama Queen says he's all about attention, but they're the ones who laugh at him. It must be their fault, right? I got to wondering what people were thinking as I led around my very big chicks (yes, I was leading--they have no sense of time!). Did they feel sorry for me or wonder what I'd been smoking to tolerate it?

I must admit it was fun though. They do make me laugh.

4) While the girls and I were trying on suits, I got a call from Ladies Man wondering where we were. He and Drummer Boy were finished.

Me: Did you guys find something?

Ladies Man: We narrowed it down to three finalists and now we have to pick the champion.

Drama Queen may be right that he needs to inherit her name.

When we found the guys, they each held three suits, one of which was the same. I think they were tempted to get matching suits only to torment their poor sisters, but it wasn't worth it for their own fashion, I guess, because they ended up with different ones.

Wouldn't you know it, the boys who really didn't give a flip about getting new swimming trunks found some and the girls ran out of time before we found anything. Grrrr. Men don't realize how good they have it in the clothing department.

5) Miss innocent One had a piano recital last weekend. I was all prepared to take blurry, crappy pictures as I usually do, but when I went to take a shot, my camera flashed "low battery" and shut off. Boo. I am such an incompetent mother (Just ask the shoppers at the mall who listened to my children!). It was especially bad since Miss Innocent One is the youngest and always feels slighted in the home movie/picture department.

To save face, I asked Ladies Man to snap a picture with his phone. I think we can call him worse than me.

Nice job, Miss Innocent One. Remember, do not measure my love by my picture taking skills! Think instead of my sage advice, like "Don't pick your nose in public."

6) The P90X craze continues at our house. Drama Queen, who is never to be outdone by anyone, decided to start the series with her boyfriend. Ladies Man joins them from time to time as do Kevin and I. The other night they did the Kenpo-x workout (think kickboxing) and Kevin came away with something new to tease Drama Queen about.

Have you ever seen the episode of Friends where Phoebe wants to run with Rachel?

Yeah. This is kinda what Drama Queen looks like when she tries to simulate jumping rope. It's so funny.

7) We've got a low key and fun weekend planned, celebrating the holiday with my family. We're looking forward to some chill time since our summer musical is next weekend and we'll be at church every night except Monday next week. Those of you close enough should come see the silly, family friendly show that still packs a powerful message.

That's it for me today, friends. Read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary and have a lovely weekend.

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jen said...

#1: Set an alarm clock for his curfew time. If he gets in on time, the alarm is turned off. If he's late, the alarm goes off and he's busted.

#2: So jealous!

#6: That reminds me of the running picture meme that went around that shows the cool runner for "what I feel like" and the toddler for "what I probably look like".