Friday, June 08, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 187)

1) Ladies Man got super excited when he found out his girlfriend got a steal on a couch for him at a garage sale.

Ladies Man: The man cave is evolving!

Oh my.

2) I was looking through the stats for this blog and saw that someone from Las Vegas got here from typing in a search for "trusting God for money." Does anybody else find that funny?

3) Drummer Boy got a job at Pizza Hut this summer, but it came with a price. He had to shave off his "chin straps," the little line of hair that connects his sideburns to his goatee. Apparently having that thin bit of hair along his jaw line gone makes him less sketchy delivering pizzas. Now really, would you be scared of this guy bringing you your pizza?

He says they name the delivery guys and he is now known as "Band Boy." So here's a shout out to anybody in Lincoln, Nebraska getting a pizza delivered by Band Boy--feel free to tip generously.

4) Our whole family was standing in the kitchen grabbing some lunch when Ladies Man looked right at me and said something surprising.

Ladies Man: Your eyes are gorgeous.

Me (completely shocked): Did you say that to me? Were you just talking or am I supposed to believe that?

There was a brief moment of awkwardness while he just stared at me.

Ladies Man: I was talking about all of us really. I mean, we all have the same eyes.

Is it just me, or does it seem like the words escaped before he thought about it and it sounded like a weird thing to say to your mother so he had to save face? Or was he really not talking to me and worried about hurting my feelings? I'm going to assume the former.

5) Apparently Ladies Man is getting in touch with his feminine side as he found this little project on Pinterest right up his alley. He took plastic spoons, melted them in a candle flame and put them together to make this rose. Kinda cool, don't you think?

6) We were sitting at dinner talking about how people are either moody or even. Often moody people end up with even people.

Me: Take me. I'm moody, but your dad is even.

Drama Queen: Yeah. I'm moody too.

And her boyfriend? SUPER even. Super DUPER even.

Drama Queen: He HAS to be or he'd never survive me.

True. Very true.

Drama Queen: Ladies Man is moody.


And his girlfriend? Again, very even.

Me: Miss Innocent One is even.

Maybe we should wait until she's through puberty to declare this one, but really, you always know what you're gonna get with that girl. In a house full of moody kids, she can be a breath of fresh air.

Kevin: She and I are the only even ones in our family.

Should we feel sorry for them?

Me: Drummer Boy is moody. The older he gets the more I see how he's like me in that respect.

Drama Queen (to me): He's not as bad as you!

We all gasped.

Drama Queen: Wait, that didn't come out right.

Yeah. Whatever, sister. The damage is already done. Boo. I think I'll be mad now.

7) We are already enjoying a fabulous weekend with some terrific people we don't get enough time with. The only downside is I'm sure to have more laugh lines before we rap things up. Hmmmmm . . . laugh lines or fun, laugh lines or fun . . . I'll take the fun.

Hope your weekend is enjoyable too. Take some time to soak in more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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