Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Doing Something Big

I read stories in my Bible of great people of faith, defying odds, believing though no one else does, persevering through painful circumstances, securing themselves a spot in the Hebrews Hall of Faith*. And I think, wow, they did great work for God.

I want to be like them. I want to do something big.

But in the moment, did those heroes of faith view their contributions as wonderful as we do now?

Did Moses think leading whiny Israelites through the desert an honorable work? He didn't want to go to Egypt in the first place and begged God to send someone else. Did Noah think his work great when his neighbors taunted him? Did Abel find his offerings any big deal? Was Rahab looking for praise when she hid the spies? Did Daniel think being thrown into the lions' den would bring glory to God?

I suspect not. They were doing what was before them each day and maybe even complaining a little while doing it (think David in the Psalms). They couldn't see their eternal contributions any more than we can, which makes me wonder something.

What if there are no "big things?"

What if our definition is inaccurate? What if God views solitary, selfless acts as grand work? We think our daily lives ordinary, mundane, but isn't it a big deal to God when we take time out of our day for a child, or love someone enough to be interrupted or give a hug to a woman with sad eyes?

Do we miss what He calls us to by desiring loftier things that are a front to build our egos? I know I'm guilty of wanting to leave my mark on my world. Yeah. My mark. Ick. How can that ever be big to God?

The truth is we won't see our own works as big things for God because we use the wrong measures--human understanding and worldly ideas of success.

It's time to stop wanting "big things." I pray God shows me what He values and that He hones in me the humility for any task. If I'm able to embrace everything as His "big thing," perhaps I'll find greater joy in the every day. Is this where true contentment lies? I'm ready to find out.

Have you been striving to accomplish an elusive "big thing?"

*Hebrews 11

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