Friday, June 15, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 188)

1) Drama Queen and Ladies Man spent some time at a local lake with friends where they were both bitten by fish. Apparently Drama Queen's fish was serious because it drew blood. She has a little scab to prove it! She thinks it went after a mole on her leg presuming it was food. Keep in mind, this is basically a big pond in small town Nebraska with no predatory creatures of the sea. We residents of middle America aren't used to fish bites!

2) A few days after the fish biting incident, we joined some friends for a weekend to the Ozarks. Now that's a lake! We enjoyed swimming, boating and tubing. The kids did some fishing and had fun on the jet skis. We crammed a lot of fun in a few days which is the perfect amount of time to spend when there's six adults and ten kids involved (and we were missing our oldest kids). Things can get a little rowdy with this bunch, arranged in order from youngest to oldest.

3) I tried water skiing for the first time since I was 12. That first time as a kid was a colossal disaster as I didn't even come close to getting my hefty frame out of the water. I don't think my rear ever cleared the surface. I've always wanted to try again, so when the opportunity came I grabbed it.

Sadly, I still didn't get up on the skis, but I gave it a good effort and I think I got up out of the water some. No one warned me about the wishbone feeling I would get if my skis veered in opposite directions. I felt close to being upright twice, but couldn't quite hold on long enough. I kept at it, but eventually my body pooped out before I got the hang of it. Normally I'd be very frustrated in not getting it, but for some reason that day I was proud of myself for being an old lady giving it a shot. Maybe next time.

4) Here's proof I'm a born and raised landlocked girl. After being on a boat for only two days I developed this rocky boat sensation even on land. I noticed it first Friday night when going to bed and it lasted through Wednesday of this week. I would be standing perfectly still yet feel like I was swaying with the waves. I was like an elderly lady whose equilibrium is off. The weird thing is I don't get seasick. I felt more seasick riding in the van on the way home, trying to ignore the imagined rocking than I ever did on the boat. I remember having a similar sensation for a few days after our cruise last fall. My friend says it's a sign I need to do more boating. I don't know. It may make me more ditzy than I already am.

5) We adults did sneak out for a quiet dinner by ourselves. There was so much laughing the kids were convinced we were drunk when we got home which we weren't.

My woozy rocky feeling kicked in that day and it didn't help matters in convincing the kids we were completely sober. Picture this: I'm standing in the middle of the kitchen with my arms out to steady me and saying, "I just feel like the room is swaying." Yeah, not convincing at all. No wonder they got the wrong idea.

Ah well, whatever. They can think what they want. We know the truth. Good, good times. Thanks Mark and Rachelle!

6) I laughed my head off at Ladies Man this week after I called to see where he was and what he was doing.

Me: Will you be home for supper?

Ladies Man: No, we're picking something up on the way to her house.

Me: You'll be home by 10:30 though, right?

Ladies Man: Oh, yes, definitely. And if our plans change, I'll let you know as soon as possible.

I know he was trying to be responsible and respectful, but the official sounding way he said, "if our plans change, I'll let you know as soon as possible," struck me as funny. He was hanging out at a friend's house, not orchestrating a covert operation. I didn't find his evening plans that urgent, I guess. Maybe I'm being completely ridiculous, but even thinking about it makes me laugh.

"If our plans change I'll let you know as soon as possible." Oh my.

7) We've got another fun weekend planned with our friends' daughter getting married. How did we get into the mother of the bride or groom category? Every time I attend a wedding now I think my time is coming, sooner than later. Shoot. That means I have to keep killing myself exercising to look good for the big day.

Oh brother. My kids are no where close to getting married and I'm already worried about what to wear to their weddings. Truly I don't have enough to worry about.

I better quit here, friends. Who knows what other irrational neuroses may surface? I hope your weekend is restful. Take a little time to peruse other Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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