Friday, July 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 193)

1) Can anyone explain how I can possibly get another mouse in my pantry when there are a least a dozen cats roaming my neighborhood? ARG!!! I have cat prints all over my vehicles and yet a mouse lives in my pantry? ARG!!! again.

No worries though. I caught the sucker in a day. I think a key to my success was that I'm way overdue for a lip wax. I practically have whiskers which surely gives me mouse-catching saavy. Meow.

2) Ladies Man returned from his singing tour with important news.

Ladies Man: Mom, I got some acne on this trip and there's two reasons why.

Me: Okay . . .

Ladies Man: First of all, I couldn't play my guitar . . .

What do guitars have to do with acne?

Ladies Man: and second I didn't see my girlfriend. Both of those things relieve my stress.

Of course. Acne has nothing to do with hot, humid weather, and working up a sweat every night dancing. And really, who needs Stridex when you have a guitar and a girlfriend?

3) If you read the Friday Quick Takes regularly, you may have gathered that our dinner table can be a lively place. For some reason, our children think of the dinner table as their personal stage for entertaining each other. This is where Drama Queen performs her hilarious impressions, Ladies Man regales us with "The Nipple Song" (don't ask) and everyone practices inappropriate extraneous noises (aka, who can burp the loudest). It's also the place of maximum sister torment as Drummer Boy and Ladies Man envelop their sisters in a brother sandwich, raising their shirts high enough to gross them out with their belly hair.

This week Ladies Man was trying to get a rise out of Drama Queen and went too far, putting his huge, smelly feet on the table.

Me: Ew. Get your feet off the table.

Ladies Man: What?

Kevin: If you don't get your feet off the table, we'll never make it into an etiquette magazine.

Yeah, because Ladies Man's smelly feet are the only obstacle. What?! What planet are you living on, my dear husband? Was that ever a possibility?

Kevin: Emily Post will never ask us over for dinner.

You can guess, can't you? Blank stares.

Me: They don't even know who that is.

At this point, it's probably too late to explain it to them, don't you think?

4) Miss Innocent One's foray into Pinterest is giving her all kinds of fun ways to spend her summer. The other day she and a friend made sidewalk paint and prettied up our back steps.

5) There's a new girl working at the coffee shop I frequent. Call me weird, but I like knowing the names of the people I see often, so I asked. When she told me she added, "Your husband plays piano at a church, doesn't he? Yeah, we go there. I recognized you by your hair."

She recognized me by my hair? What does that mean? Please tell me this is a good thing.

6) Kevin and I attended a wedding last weekend. I've told you before that every time we go to a wedding now I imagine myself as the mother of the bride or groom. Apparently Kevin is experiencing the same phenomenon. During the toasts he leaned over to me and whispered, "Oh my gosh. I just had a scary thought. Can you imagine what our children will say at each other's weddings?!"

Yeah. Sheer panic.

7) It's gonna be another quiet week at our house. Ladies Man left yesterday for a Missions trip to Mississippi.

Drama Queen is in mourning as both he AND her boyfriend will be gone for ten days. Not sure how his acne will fare. He took his guitar with him, but had to leave the girlfriend behind. And if you think of it, would you say a little prayer for him? He was feeling awful when he left, waylaid by a sinus infection.

And that's a rap at the Boesiger house today. Enjoy your weekend and catch more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

You have so much going on around your place that I am tired just reading about it. I cannot imagine how you keep up - but at least some of it sounds like fun. :)

Have a great weekend.