Friday, July 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 194)

1) It's been another quiet week at the Boesiger house. Ladies Man has been gone on a missions trip to Mississippi. It's kinda cute to see my girls missing their brother so much. There's been lots of sighing. We'll be happy to have him home again.

His absence, and his sister's lament over it, is causing me to reflect on the tremendous blessing I have in my kids. All four of them are people I really like, fun-loving, open, tender-hearted, goofy. They like each other and I suspect they think we're okay too. So forgive me if I gush about my kids in this week's edition. They're pretty great and I just can't help it.

2) We had a blast hanging out with our girls at the mall Saturday. I've always thought our daughters looked more like their dad and our sons look more like me. What do you think? And isn't this pic a dead giveaway that they like their daddy?

It was tons quieter traipsing around the mall than the last time I was there with all four kids, but don't think these girls are subdued and quiet. Hardly. And obviously their dad likes it that way. In fact, I'm quite certain Drama Queen would say they get all their quirkiness from him.

3) I had to make an impromptu trip to Lincoln for Drummer Boy to sign some papers. We took care of business and then . . .

Drummer Boy: How about I take you out for ice cream? I'd like to do that.

Any mother alive knows when your kid wants to spend time with you and do something nice like that you are sucked right in. No persuasion needed. And he even paid. We had a great talk, closing down Culver's. We moved to the parking lot and he kept talking, even telling me about his love life.

Drummer Boy: I can be a charmer, Mom.

Me: Oh, you don't need to tell me that. When you hug me and say, "I love you, Mom," it gets me every time.

It started raining or who knows how long we would have stood in that parking lot talking. We said goodbyes (more than once, complete with his killer-go-straight-to-my-heart hugs) and parted ways, but a mile down the road I got a text.

Text from Drummer Boy: Drive safe. Btw, don't think I didn't see you tearing up:) love you.

And he did it again, making his mother misty.

I drove home feeling all warm and gooey inside. See what I mean about being knock-your-socks-off blessed with my children?

4) While I was enjoying a pleasant evening with Drummer Boy, the rest of the family caught the best glimpse yet of our neighborhood owl, perched on top of our light post in front of our house. Miss Innocent One tried to snap a picture, but it was too dark. Why do I always miss these owl sightings?! Boo! Now I'll be checking our light post every night to see if it comes back. If you drive by my house and see me peeking out my front picture window repeatedly, don't get worried. I'm only owl watching.

5) It's been awesome to have my niece, Sweet Cheeks with us this week. She and Miss Innocent One are having a great time together. I'm already wishing we could have had her longer. Both being the youngest of a family of four kids, Sweet Cheeks and Miss Innocent One are used to rolling with the punches and neither care if they get their way. Talk about easy!! Since it is the first time ever our house is full of girls, I've dubbed this GIRL WEEK (aren't I original? It's like calling your fish goldfish Goldie.)

You come stay with us any time, Sweet Cheeks. We love having you!

6) Kevin (to his Pinterest addict daughters): I don't get it. What's so special about Pinterest?

Drama Queen: I've learned all kinds of great things, like how to get fingernail polish out of carpet or clothing.

Me (impressed): How?

Drama Queen: Well, I don't know, I just pinned it.

Kevin: Then you don't really know how.

Drama Queen: If the need arises I know exactly how to find out.

Kevin: So how many things have you pinned?

Drama Queen: Oh, like 487.

Kevin: And how many have you actually tried?

Drama Queen: Maybe 3.

Kevin: What's the point of that?

Drama Queen: Dad, I'll be the person who knows how to do everything. A crisis will come, I'll whip out my laptop and take care of it.

Kevin: It's like Facebook where you have "friends" you never see or talk to. With Pinterest you have "knowledge" you've never used.

Drama Queen: Dad, you just don't understand.

Of course we don't.

7) We're headed to my cousin's wedding in Salina, Kansas this weekend. It's sure to be a super fun time with my extended family. Can't wait. Say a little prayer for us. Kevin, my sister and I are supposed to sing and I've had this weird cloggy ear the past few days. Who knows what I sound like!

And glory, hallelujah, Ladies Man will be back Saturday night. He wasn't allowed to take a cell phone, so contact with him has been sketchy. He did call last night and told us about using The Worm as motivation to keep kids quiet during VBS lessons. But his biggest news was his amazingly good deal at the thrift store--a football helmet, 3 lacrosse sticks and Ray-ban sunglasses, all for $4.25.

Ladies Man: It was like the best deal EVER!

Of course he didn't think about how he was getting a football helmet and 3 lacrosse sticks home on a crowded bus, but he'll figure it out. He and his "awesome deals" crack me up.

Since the noise level will raise dramatically upon his return, I'm not gonna get too excited about seeing that owl back right away. Better to have the chick home anyway.

I hope your weekend is fun and you recognize the blessings in your life. Read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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