Friday, August 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 198)

1) We had a SUPER time at the Cornhusker Marching Band Exhibition.
Look at my amazing children! Drummer Boy is the center snare player with the goatee. Drama Queen is on the right end.
Here's a closer pic. They're working hard.
So, SO proud of you guys. It is so cool to see you playing TOGETHER! And liking it! I am a blessed mama.

2) Adding to our excitement at the exhibition was the presence of TONS of our family--grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. They had their own cheering section! It made the night so fun and special. Ladies Man enjoyed entertaining his cousins.

Since we were all dressed in Husker gear, we took a family picture.
While that pic is all sweet and proper, this one is probably more representative of who the Boesigers really are.
3) We started watching Cake Boss on Netflix last weekend and already I'm having adverse effects. I find myself craving sweets more than usual. I've been dreaming about cakes and Buddy Valastro. I'm calling my family "Mia Famiglia." The other day I had to stop myself from saying "yous guys" to my kids. And it's becoming more and more tempting to yell about everything.

Isn't it weird how one little change in your habits can affect you so much? Good thing I haven't been watching Real Housewives of New Jersey. Who knows what else I might be tempted to do?!

4) It was back to school week for everybody at our house. Of course I took the obligatory first day of school pics. The kids thought I was stupid and humored me, but I think their mocking shows. Can't you see the goofy smirks and eyes that are refraining from rolling?

Miss Innocent One is an 8th grader this year. It's our last year to have a kid in the middle school after 12 years! Why does that make me feel old?
Ladies Man starts his junior year in high school. I find it funny to take note of where each of the kids' heads land in the blind behind them.
5) This is the first time my college kids have started school BEFORE my other kids. Seems a little weird. They shouldn't get out of the traditional mother badgering, should they? I thought I'd give them a little chuckle on their first day.

My text Monday morning: Happy first day of school! Did you take a picture for me?

Obviously leaving the house at 6:AM for band rehearsal has affected Drama Queen's brain.

Drama Queen's text: No. Was I supposed to?

She's a classic good girl, you think? Love you, babe!

6) Miss Innocent One has had some adolescent angst about school starting up again.

Me: Are you excited to get back to school?

Miss Innocent One: I don't know. People just seem to get stupider.

Me: What?

Miss Innocent: Seriously, the older they get, there's more drama. Stupid.

And for a 13 year-old, clothes are super important.

Miss Innocent One: What do you think I should wear the first day of school? My skinny jeans or my new shorts?

Me: I don't think it really matters, does it?

Miss Innocent One: But what would YOU do? Let's play WWTD, What Would Tami Do?

Me: I'd wear the shorts because it will get hot later in the day and I hate changing clothes which you might want to do if you wore jeans.

I'm don't think that's the answer she wanted as she changed the subject.

Miss Innocent One: My friend says people are going to be very surprised when I come back to school.

Me: Why?

Miss Innocent One: She says I've changed a lot over the summer. A new haircut. Gotten taller.

Me: You are looking older. You are very pretty.

Miss Innocent One: Whatever.

Me: You should just accept it. You're pretty. You've always been pretty. Even as a baby you were pretty. It's just you. You need to accept it.

Miss Innocent One: Okay, you don't get to do that. Who was the one complaining about her gray hair ten seconds ago?

Ouch. She caught me. Boo. I hate it when my kids are smarter than me.

7) Tonight we're going to our high school's first home football game where we'll get to see Ladies Man's debut as drum major. On Saturday Miss Innocent One will celebrate her upcoming birthday with some friends. In honor of her 14th birthday this coming Monday (how did my baby get so old?!), here's a pic I just love of us.
Happy Birthday, babe. We love you!

And that's the week at the Boesiger house. Kinda low key. And I LIKED it. Find more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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