Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 203)

1) We had a smashing time celebrating Kevin's birthday last weekend. Here's a great pic of him and the kids.
Aren't they an awesome bunch?! And they all belong to me. I am a blessed, blessed woman.

2) Kevin and I spent the night away and then wandered down to Memorial Stadium to watch Drummer Boy and Drama Queen's band rehearsal. I was glad we didn't miss it as Drummer Boy had a big solo on a field drum. Check this out.
Then, as soon as he finished this bit, he backed up in line and stood RIGHT NEXT TO HIS SISTER! When the kids told me this would be happening, they said, "Yeah, we told the director our mom is gonna poop her pants."

And you better believe I was excited. First, listening to Drummer Boy I just looked at Kevin and said, "That's our kid. THAT'S OUR KID!" Then, as I watched him backing up I was like, "Wait for it, wait for it, wait, for, it, THERE. Look at that! Isn't that cool?! They're right next to each other!" For some reason Kevin wasn't quite as enthusiastic as I was, but he was proud. I could tell by the way his eyebrows raised at the crazed woman sitting next to him.

3) After rehearsal we took Drummer Boy and Drama Queen to get something to eat and I was still a little excited. I relayed to them all the emotions I had and pretty soon they were laughing.

Me: What? What's so funny?

Drama Queen: Nothing.

Me: What?

Drama Queen: You don't want to know.

Me: You can't just do that and say nothing.

Drama Queen: I used to think Dad was the reason our family was kinda dorky, but I'm beginning to think it's all your fault.

Me: What?! My fault? Just because I'm proud of my kids I'm a dork?

Oh my, here I thought I was progressive, super hip mom and in a few months time I find out I'm twitchy AND the source of all the dorkiness in the Boesiger bunch. All I can say is--DRAMA QUEEN, you are lucky I love you so much!!

4) I have always been a terrible driver. And I hate driving. It occurred to me this week while driving tired (which seems to be a malady of mine--how do people get a good night's sleep, anyway?) that my death will probably occur as a result of a car accident. It makes sense. One day I'll be spacing out and bam, gates of glory.

My husband was none too thrilled to hear this. He thought it morose to even talk about it. I suppose, but think of it this way. I'm just trying to show you my serious side. (Or REALLY groping for things to talk about this week!)

5) Our high school's new band uniforms came in! Again, my dorky self has gotta say it. THAT IS MY KID!
Ladies Man's cohort is SO MUCH SMALLER than he is. They are standing on the same level here.
Don't you love it?! She's got a good sense of humor, joking on Facebook that she makes a good arm rest.
6) I had the great pleasure of speaking to another MOPS group yesterday. An added bonus was a former student of mine (from before I had kids!) introduced me. I was floored during her introduction when she pulled out a letter I had written her nearly twenty years ago. You just never know how little things you do will matter to someone. It made me certain every gesture is important, whether we understand it or not. Every. Single. One. Thank you, Gretchen. My time with you yesterday was refreshing and beautiful. I am so proud of the woman you've become. Keep doing what you're doing, sister.

7) And for my final quick take, I leave you with a video being posted all over our family's Facebook walls. Both Drummer Boy and Drama Queen appear in it. Look for them! And, yeah, THOSE ARE MY KIDS!

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That's all for today, friends. Have a great weekend. Catch more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Mary Moss said...

As a "fellow dorky mom" I absolutely love this post!

Tami Boesiger said...

Dorky moms unite!