Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 207)

1) When the new offertory book arrived last week, Miss Innocent One snatched one up and has been practicing her dad's piece. There's something very sweet about hearing her working on it, like it's a life coming full circle sort of moment. Truly God dots beauty in every day, doesn't He? (Shall we all pause for a contented sigh?)

2) I uttered a thought I've had for a very long time last week and my whole family thinks I'm nuts.

Me: Why do we always sit on the toilet wrong? Your butt really fits better on the seat if you sit sideways.

Kevin (giving it a whirl): Really?

Me: Yeah. See?

Kevin: I don't know.

Me: Why is it oval? Wouldn't it make more sense if it was round?

Kevin: But then little kids might fall in.

Me: Hmmm. Maybe.

Anybody have an explanation for the toilet seat?

3) Call me sentimental, but this text, sent by my 22-year-old son, out of the blue, on an ordinary Tuesday, just melted my heart.

I love you Mom.

Doesn't that just do you in?!

I love you too, Drummer Boy. Thanks for warming your old mama's heart.

4) Miss Innocent One had her first vocal music of the school year. I was super proud of her as she had a little solo in the show choir piece that freaked her out because it was a little high for her, but she worked at it and did a nice job.
She and a friend sang a duet too. Not sure of the significance of this giant stuffed Peep, but apparently it has some meaning. And it's a dead giveaway that though they're looking older, they are definitely still middle school girls.
Her dad accompanied them and she was most appreciative. Isn't this cute?
5) Drama Queen came home to see the concert. Proving what I've said her whole life that she's gruff on the outside and super soft on the inside, here was her assessment on Facebook of Miss Innocent One's performance:

Not many little sisters can make their big sisters cry just by singing a song at a middle school pops concert. So insanely proud of her. Love you, Miss Innocent One.

Doesn't it just make you all googly inside?

6) Ladies Man tells us every Wednesday in his mentor class is Read-to-Me Wednesday. He is less than thrilled that his teacher is a big Twilight fan and has chosen to read her favorite book to them.

Ladies Man: If we start watching the movie, I'm gonna see if I can go to the Band room during mentor so I don't lose my manhood. Whenever she reads in class, I purposely don't listen, you know, for my manhood.

Well, we can't have that, can we? You suppose we can file a complaint with the school saying they're thwarting Ladies Man's masculinity? I'm joking, but I wonder if the poor school district ever gets complaints to that effect? I'd believe anything.

7) And that's all for this ooey, gooey edition of Quick Takes. May you find "aah" moments in your home this week as well and check out more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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Kathleen Basi said...

#6 makes me chuckle--tell him it has nothing to do with manhood and everything to do with it's just a creepy book! :) I read the first two with curled lip and then quit. I keep thinking I ought to finish it, but I can't bring myself to do it...

#1 makes me smile, too. I agree about the full circle!