Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Way I Know He Loves Me

I see the ugliness in me, the attitudes that need fixing, the weaknesses that make me too aware of my humanity and I cry out to God.

"Lord, forgive me. Again. Make me better. I'm a mess."

Yeah, that's true, God says, you can be a mess sometimes. You can be high maintenance and moody, exasperating and frustrating. . .

But I sure do love you.

What?! How can a perfect, holy God love puny, wimpy me?

Yet I know it's true for He surprises me in unexpected ways, with purple shoes given for no reason, a bracelet from a friend just because it looked like me, beautiful words I don't deserve from people I admire and respect, a husband who's attentive no matter how I look or act, front row seats to His work.

When He says, I sure do love you, I am incredulous, yet warm because He shows me every day in little, special ways it's true.

How else do you explain children who mock me, yet say they miss me consistently? Isn't it God's love that causes a friend to hug tight and whisper encouragement in my ear without knowing how much I need it? Aren't the smiles and nods spurring me on a signal straight from Him? He's provided sanctuary in my home, with people inside and outside my house.

And when days don't go as I wish, when troubles come, He leads me to the verse to hang onto, the Truth that will sustain. He supplies the prayer net, the friends to call in tears, the arms to hold, the bed to escape to. He leads me through, His way, and makes me better in the process.

I sure do love you.

I KNOW it and you can too. Open your eyes to God's blessings all around you, even, no especially, in the hard times. He is there. He is waiting to lift. He sees. He knows.

I sure do love you.

Will you believe it?

Photo Credit: ecstaticist

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