Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 218)

1) I am having a difficult time getting back into the swing of things, friends. I find myself yearning to curl up in bed or my favorite chair and read until I can't hold my eyes open anymore. It doesn't help when the weather is rainy and cloudy like it was here yesterday (though I praised the good Lord all day for the moisture we desperately need). The outside just screams, "Take it easy. Grab a latte. Settle in. Read your little heart out." I managed some form of it, I guess. I started a new book while on the elliptical machine at the Y. I picked up a latte after taking Princess Dawdle to the orthodontist. And I did play a little free cell in between appointments. So I got all the relaxing all in, just not at the same time.

2) Kevin's been feeling under the weather this week and I saw a little resemblance to Ladies Man when he was sick before Christmas. I got the same little boy voice, the same sighing, same coughing, same droop. On Tuesday night I told my dear husband he should stay home instead of attending a meeting with me. I knew he must be bad when he immediately crumpled into my shoulder and said, "You're a good person."

Thankfully he seems to be on the mend now. Do you think I'll lose my Wonder Woman status now too?

3) We made an important discovery via a slice of bologna this week. We totally got our money's worth out of Princess Dawdle's orthodontist. Can you believe this perfect circle bite?!

4) We are thoroughly enjoying Kevin's new wheels. One idiosyncrasy I find hysterical is that he can only get good radio reception on one station. NPR! Of all the radio stations in the world, the one that comes in best is his favorite artsy-fartsy, classical music, Nerd People Radio (as our kids call it). One can't ignore the glaring sign that surely this car was supposed to be his.

5) We had a little snow in our neck of the woods on New Year's Eve. It was GLORIOUS! But now as it slowly melts, it tracks in all kinds of ickiness. I don't believe my kitchen floor has ever been so dirty!

All this with only two kids in the house! But I don't care. I'll clean floors any day just to see that beautiful fluffy goodness floating down from the heavens. I find it completely soothing.

6) And now for Kevin's Korner. Heeeerrrrrreeeee's Kevin!

This week has been frustrating for me. I got hit with a bug that drug me out for the better part of the week (refer to number 2). Anyway, after going to the doctor on Wednesday morning and getting put on steroids and an inhaler, I decided to stay home for the rest of the day and take it easy. I do have to admit the decision came after my wife asked me to stay home that morning and my boss told me not to come back to work after my appointment. I settled on the couch for the afternoon and clicked on Netflix. I landed on "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" a movie Tami would not ever watch anyway. Now I know reality must be suspended in order to even begin to believe any of the stunts could happen, but as the movie progressed things really got out of hand. Tom Cruise is indestructible in this movie! SPOILER ALERT: In the final scene of the movie he jumps into a car and nose dives it to the bottom of a parking garage and crawls away from it. I guess the crawling was to make it seem plausible. I have to admit by this point in the movie I had already thought "you've got to be kidding me" like a million times. The movie, which was listed in the "Action & Adventure" category of Netflix, qualified as a comedy in my book. At what point does a movie cross the line for you? I'm all for suspending reality but I guess in the case of this movie, I could only enjoy it if Tom Cruise had been wearing a cape and had a secret identity.

Until next week… Keep Kicking it!

7) I went to make cornbread last night and there was something funky about my cornmeal. First of all it was kinda lumpy.

Then I found some stringy thingys. Ew.

I haven't made cornbread in a long while, so I wondered if cornmeal had an expiration date. Boy did it!

Yeah. I sent Ladies Man and his lovely girlfriend to the store for more. Who knows what's been living in there! Yikes.

And so another week ends at the Boesigers. Keep your cornmeal current, people, and enjoy more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Deanna said...

#7, That is why I told my family we must do a big clean and throw away event since we've lived in this house almost 10 years. Or we have to move!Good you noticed before cooking though:)

Miriam Pauline said...

I totally agree that getting back into routine after Christmas has been difficult. Beginning to settle into it all again.

I hate that "I wonder if this has an expiration date" only to discover it was "years" ago feeling. Glad you were able to send the kids out to get fresher mix!

Happy New Year my friend!