Friday, February 01, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 221)

1) Ladies Man: What's for dinner?

Me: I don't know. I just texted your dad asking him if it was completely lame of me to have him bring home Runza for supper.

Ladies Man: He's never going to say his wife is lame.

Princess Dawdle: Yeah. He likes you.

Why does it bring me satisfaction to know this is their impression of us?

2) After last week's Quick Takes I got an email from my sister-in-law telling me that Kevin's Korner reminds her of Drama Queen and her ranting. She was spot on, of course. Drama Queen tells Kevin all the time that she gets all her drama from him. As we were discussing this the other night, Kevin's phone rang. As soon as she heard it, Drama Queen reached for hers.

Guess who has the same ring tone as her dad?

Cut from the same cloth, I tell you.

3) I must have too many utensils in my utensil drawer as I can never keep a whisk in decent shape for more than a few months. When one of the loops got caught and stretched out I tried working with it for a while (because if I'm nothing else I'm loyal--even to decrepit kitchen utensils). Finally I couldn't take it anymore and yanked the stupid thing out of the drawer to throw away. Kevin took it and was gone for a while then came back saying he fixed it. What do you think?

4) You know you're getting old when your son asks your advice about business cards. Business cards?! Drummer Boy is old enough for such a thing? Yikes. The beard was an adjustment, but that's sort of a stretching-your-wings-as-a-young-adult kind of thing. Adding business cards and thinking about networking makes it feel like he's no kid anymore. Which means what for me?

It also makes me wonder about my own mother. She seems to take great delight in pointing out all my new gray hairs. I don't understand this. Wouldn't this make her feel even older? How do you do this, Mom?!

5) And now it's time for Kevin's Korner, the new favorite feature of Friday Quick Takes. I must admit I am sort of annoyed by this. I mean, come on, I've been faithfully writing on this blog over six years and he writes one little portion of one little post three times and he's a favorite?! Grrrr. Anyway, I'm trying to be mature about it (and it does save me from coming up with another take every Friday), so here's my darling husband.

This weekend is the Super Bowl. I am sure this will be no surprise for most of you, but I will not be watching the game come Sunday afternoon. To tell you the truth I don't even know what teams are in the game. Football has never been a big draw for me, maybe because for most of my early days I was the smallest boy in the class. In gym class when we played with the parachute, I was the kid put in the middle and bounced up and down. I was also one of the least athletic in the class. You would think a small kid might be one of the faster ones but I always came in second to the last. The only kid I could beat probably outweighed me by 4 times. Good grief! In high school I got a B- in gym class and the only reason it was not a lower grade is because the teacher thought I tried hard (which I did). Now don't let my lack of athleticism make you think I lack coordination or strength. I can hold my own in a dance-off and can put in a good day of hard labor when needed. Somehow these skills never transferred to a ball court or field. So what's all this ranting about? Simple . . . am I the only man on the planet that does not find enjoyment watching other men beat the tar out of each other? I get a lot more satisfaction hearing a great concert or watching a great movie. I know that is a shocker for you all but there has to be others out there. Come on guys, help me out! Is there anyone else that will be doing something different at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday when the 49er's and Ravens battle it out? I bet you're surprised I knew that, right? I cannot tell a lie. I had to google it.

Keeping kicking it!

6) Ladies Man is really getting into glass etching. When he showed me a picture of an intricate tree he planned to etch, I had my doubts it could be done, but he did it. And did it well. Nice work!

7) You will recall the Christmas cake disaster at the hands of my kids. It's a wonder they still felt adventurous enough to try it again, but Ladies Man had a hankering for some cherry cheese cake dessert. Since his mother politely insinuated it would not be happening at her hand, Ladies Man decided to rope Princess Dawdle into trying it with him. I had to laugh at Princess Dawdle's Facebook status:

Ladies Man and I are going to make a cheesecake. We will see how this goes people. :)

I'm not sure how I should take the exchange Drama Queen started in the comments.

Drama Queen: Mom is letting you have cheesecake in the house?

Princess Dawdle: Um, yeah . . . why wouldn't that be ok?

Drama Queen: Because she only eats nuts and lettuce? Just kidding, Mom.

I'll have you know, Drama Queen, I eat far more than nuts and lettuce. I had me some cheesecake, I did. And it was so good I kept sneaking little bites after mine was gone. Of course this may require more lettuce eating in my future, but it was worth it.

And with that, we're calling it a day, folks. Enjoy your weekend and take in more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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