Tuesday, February 05, 2013


All I did was say YES.

God made it clear He wanted me to go to Uganda. I said YES and now, before I've even gone, the ripples begin.

My kids seem to understand it. My daughters make sure I commit. They say they're proud of me. My college kids put links on their Facebook pages. My seventeen-year-old son makes me a "money" jar and quietly sets it by my computer on my birthday. They all say it's "cool" and seem to look at me with more respect.

Lots of people, some I hardly know, give me money to make it possible. They give sacrificially. They ask and seem genuinely interested. They express excitement and happiness. They say they're proud of me. ME!

My little nephews, only 7 and 5, pray for this trip every night and can find where I'm going on any map. Their mother says it's a gift to HER to see her children grasping this.

A woman hands me a jug of change, having no idea how much is in it, and thanks ME for moving her husband.

I take my son to his appointment and the friend who works there asks about it. I just tell the story of how it came about, and soon the new receptionist and a stranger in the waiting room get engaged, their eyes sparkling, asking questions of their own when my friend gets pulled away. They seem genuinely interested and excited for this woman they don't know.

Little ripples. And I've done nothing except say YES to God.

I see it and my eyes open wide in astonishment, that is, when they aren't misting over with tears. I swallow hard. God can use ME?! My little YES matters? It can make a difference in people's lives? Unbelievable!

It's taken so little to gain a bigger perspective, a picture of a God who orchestrates things beyond our imagination, who makes every little thing matter. And I know it's true because I'm seeing it. Every little act done in secret, every little YES, is used by God who takes the smallest effort and multiplies it for His good in miraculous ways, just like loaves and fish. He moves and He speaks and is alive and when we have the courage to say YES, He uses it in remarkable, incredulous ways. We are BLESSED and the blessing ripples out to those around us.

Is fear holding you back from saying YES? Take a deep breath, my friend, and dive in. You won't believe the ripples you make if you do. It will take your breath away.

Photo Credit: richardefreeman

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