Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 235)

1) You may recall Drama Queen's amazing talent of choosing what animal people resemble. She has decided I am a meerkat because I have a skinny neck and am "twitchy" (grrrr). She and her siblings have called Kevin a koala bear for years and this week found a picture to prove it. What do you think?

The kids were also mocking Kevin (okay, true confessions, I joined in too) about his eyebrows. He's got some gnarly ones that need trimming every so often and let's just say it was time. Anyway, now that Drama Queen is back home, she's having all kinds of fun tormenting her parents. Look at the Aqua Note she left in the shower yesterday.

2) Lest you feel too sorry for Kevin, I'm getting jabbed as well. The kids always tease me about word bloopers, my own way of not getting out what I mean. Well, Kevin and I were enjoying a beautiful afternoon on our upstairs porch and asked Princess Dawdle to join us when doing her homework.

Princess Dawdle: I would but I need a computer.

Me: You can use mine. But you might need the plugger inner (meaning the electrical adaptor, of course).

Hmmm. They may have a point.

3) Great news, people! I got a picture of Rodney, our rat-tailed squirrel friend!

Poor guy has gone through some sort of trauma. Drama Queen blames it on his carousing mother, Talullah. (You think she's a little bored now that Finals are over?)

4) Kevin: Drummer Boy is a weird texter.

Me: You have a fifty/fifty chance of getting a text back.

Drama Queen: Yeah, but the worst is texting Mom.

Me: What?

Drama Queen: I hate texting you.

Me: Why?

Drama Queen: I always feel like you're suspicious or are looking for something more.

Me: What? How does "I just saw Rodney" have ulterior motives?

Drama Queen: I don't know, it's the way you text short messages or something. I always feel like you're digging for more information.

In a text?! Are you kidding me?! Is it just me or is that a guilty conscience speaking? I want to go on the record as saying I am not a private investigator texter.

Also, I'm definitely NOT twitchy.

5) Ladies Man had to submit some pictures for an end of the year show choir presentation. Here's his baby picture (This was a common expression from him at that age. Yes, you may continue to feel sorry for me and what my children have put me through.)

It all turned out good though, if you don’t count the number of times we tell him to put his shirt on.

6) All our peeps are in the nest for a while this summer and with the stress of school on hold for a while, I expect some crazy business at our house. As I type this, I hear my "boys" hollering about who knows what. I’m hoping there will be at least a little sleeping at some point, cause this girl doesn’t get enough of that as it is. Maybe this is why God is sending me to Africa in June.

And speaking of Africa, I’m finding it weird that I’m being excused from a lot of activities this summer because I’ll be gone. Really? I have to go to AFRICA to get out of doing some stuff? I can't just take some time off?

Maybe I'm testy since I'm starting to freak a little. I leave four weeks from tomorrow. Between then and now I've got like twenty graduation parties to attend, two kids to push through school, three kids to get ready for trips, a few more Bible studies for Ugandan women to complete, three concerts, and a Christmas musical to write. Pray, people, pray.

7) Kevin: You know what would be a wonderful Mother's Day present for your mom?

Drama Queen: You want us to leave?

My stress may be showing.

Or twitching.


With that we're calling it done, folks. I hope you enjoy your weekend and catch more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Renee said...


The squirrel makes sad. Poor guy.

Kathleen Basi said...

Love the picture of Ladies Man. Although it doesn't give much hope to me that you're still having to tell him to put his shirt on. :)