Friday, May 17, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 236)

1) I was doing last Friday's sudoku in the paper, when disaster struck.

Me: Oh shoot! I just messed it up. I'm stupid. As always.

Kevin (the ever encouraging husband): Now, what is true?

Me: Okay, I'm stupid today.

That's what he meant, right?

2) We are winding down our concert marathon. Five down, one to go. Here's a picture of Ladies Man and the rest of the show choir guys striking their best GQ pose. Ladies Man is second from the left. Never a dull moment, I tell you.

At Tuesday's concert he even put in a plug for the Beatrice Regional Orchestra that Kevin conducts. See #6.

3) Princess Dawdle struggled to get the right balance in her checking account while deducting a purchase. To her credit (Wow, did you see that? I slipped that banking term right in there. I'm a genius!), I must say she was somewhat distracted by her friends in the back seat and subtracting a simple purchase took WAY longer than it should have. She knew it too.

Princess Dawdle: The person who marries me is gonna have to love ME, 'cause I won't be able to do our taxes.

Because that's the only reason a person needs math, right?

4) To kill time, she and her friends decided to compile a Rules for Living list. What do you think of these?

1. Believe in Jesus. (Whew! She's got the most important one down.)
2. Don't be stupid.
3. Marry someone who loves you enough to do your taxes.
4. Don't trust accountants (except Riley's mom--our accountant--who is perfectly wonderful).
5. Wear nice undies.
6. Wear glitter every day.
7. Scratch #6. It could be obnoxious.

5) I've found a new domestic hazard. Now that my kids are pretty much done growing, I can never remember whose clothes belong to who. The girls are constantly wearing each other's stuff and mine. The boys are stealing shirts out of their dad's closet. I have no idea who actually owns what. I'm constantly mixing it all up in the laundry. I can't tell you the number of times Princess Dawdle has brought me a pair of shorts or a t-shirt and said, "Um, these aren't mine. They belong to Drama Queen." And the guys' black pants?! Forget about it! I have no idea whose pants are whose.

The kicker was the day Kevin found Princess Dawdle's sweatshirt hanging in his closet and they all gave me a terrible time about it. Hello? Do you realize what the perfect solution to this problem is? You can all do your own dang laundry!

Except . . . laundry is one (of few) household chores I actually enjoy. I find my little laundry room soothing, with the dryer humming, the birds chirping just outside the window. I can't hear the phone in there and it's an easy place to disappear.

I know. I'm weird.

6) Our last concert of this season is the Beatrice Regional Orchestra concert. We'll be playing movie themes and Kevin hopes to rig up some clips to show as we play them. Should be fun. If you live in our area, come check it out!

7) I leave you today with a little excerpt from one of the concerts we've attended over the last two weeks. This is Ladies Man singing in a men's quartet and who doesn't like them a little men's quartet music? Pardon the shaky video. Kevin must have been very moved. Enjoy.

Have a super weekend, friends, and enjoy more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Renee said...

#6 Isn't that bad. It could be toe nail polish.

Deanna said...

My daughter's 'husband' list includes killing bugs. And really, marrying someone good at Math is good for taxes and recipe conversion says the math teacher's wife:)

Kathleen Basi said...

I'm so glad you shared the video clip. You're always teasing us about these concerts, it's fun to hear them! ;)