Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 237)

1) We attended some graduation parties last weekend. Some of our friends had a little too much fun. Look what we found when we went to leave.

Kevin didn't understand what was so funny. He looks a little Drama Queenish here, don't you think?

Later they boxed him in on every side, and he gave the desired disgusted reaction.

And we all went on with our day.

We had fun with you that day, friends. At least I did.

2) I think we go to Arby's too much. The other day I was ordering and the clerk stopped me.

Clerk: No wrap today?

Me: Nope. I want the bread today, baby.

Kevin: She's living on the wild side.

Clerk: Now, you don't want everything on that, do you?

Me (sheepishly): No. No cheese or tomato. I was just gonna pick it off. It's easier to do on a sandwich than a wrap.

The clerk nodded, proud that she already knew. Kevin ordered and before she even told us what we owed she grabbed a pen.

Clerk: Kevin, right?

Yikes. I promise we only eat out for lunch on Tuesdays, and we go to different places. What in the world? Proof we live in a small town?

3) Our kids were studying hard last week for final tests in school. One night we came home to this, Princess Dawdle's system for learning the elements.

It worked! She only missed one out of 60 questions. Nice job, babe!

4) This week has just been WHOOSH!. Every day my plans get altered. Yesterday alone brought an unexpected doctor's appointment for Ladies Man, a hospital visit to see some friends and a spewing pipe in our basement. With more people in the house, there's naturally more commotion and cooking and laundry. I'm almost looking forward to being out of the country in a few short weeks so I don't have to deal with anything for a while.

You may want to pray for Kevin.

5) Did you know that Old Navy named a shirt after me?! Look at this!

Yes, I see the name comes from a combination of tank and cami, but we don't need to tell anyone that. C'mon. Give me my five seconds of manufactured fame.

On second thought, maybe I should start being called, not just Tami, but THE Tami. I had a little friend who used to refer to me as Tami the Boesiger. This is just a short cut. THE Tami. Can't you just hear the fanfare in the background?

Yes, I need a break.

6) The Beatrice Regional Orchestra concert featured movie scores and Kevin rigged up a projector to play the movie trailers on a big screen behind the orchestra. We got a big kick out of this picture a local reporter snagged, saying she was trying to get Kevin's hands in the same position as Rocky's.

7) I leave for Uganda two weeks from tomorrow. Can you say AHHHHHHHH?! It's like trip central at our house for the next few weeks. Drama Queen leaves on Monday, Princess Dawdle on Tuesday and Ladies Man on Wednesday. Poor Kevin and Drummer Boy get to stay home, although we're talking about spending a few days with my sister's family in July.

Thurston, Nebraska sounds just as exciting as Los Angeles, Washington D.C., or Africa, right?

It will be, when we get to spend time with people we love! I hope we can make it happen.

And that's a wrap for today folks (unless you're at Arby's and that market fresh bread calls your name). Read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


vwwannab said...

We are headed up to Thurston tomorrow! :)

Tami Boesiger said...

Who do you know in Thurston?!

jen said...

I read you every week so I've added you to my Bloglovin.

Tami Boesiger said...

Thanks, Jen! Welcome.