Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 242)

It's been a little quiet at the Boesiger house this week. Ladies Man went on tour with a Christian singing group and Drummer Boy went along as a sponsor. We haven't had to look at any belly hair all week! It's glorious!

Drama Queen is getting ready to move into her first apartment in a few weeks. She and one of her roommates spent a day going to garage sales and found some treasures. This sign fits her to a tee.

While her roommates are excited about lamps and funky tables, Drama Queen is excited to be the organizational nazi guru. She's already compiled a list of emergency contacts and is anxious to start on their billing files and schedules, calling it the Control Center.

Mmmm hmmmm.

When I got in my van and saw the number on my trip meter, I wasn't sure if I should drive off or not.

I made it home safely. Maybe it was a good thing I didn't let it set there too long. I once had a car repair bill come to $666.01. At the time I was teaching at a Christian school and my students were a little freaked out about it. Since the car was a sporty little Mustang they quickly got over it though.

There's good news about little Adrian! One of my team members read the post about him and directed me to the Sole Hope website where they posted a picture of the founders with some of the kids from Wakisi five days after we left.

Adrian is the boy in the back row with his hand on his forehead, smiling wide. The post said his feet are healing nicely and he has no new jiggers. It was so great to see. Also, notice the girl on the far right is one of the girls who wanted me to take her home with me. And she still has no shoes. Sigh.

At the risk of grossing you out, I thought you might be interested in seeing what jiggers actually look like. I found this picture on the Sole Hope website. Imagine a child with these all over their feet and even bigger with more callouses over them. Heartbreaking.

I'd had a busy morning and was putting away groceries after my Walmart run (okay, just using the phrase "Walmart run" tells you what kind of morning it had been already) when the meat drawer in my refrigerator came off track. I was muttering under my breath when Drama Queen came in.

Drama Queen: Are you on the struggle bus, Mom?

The struggle bus?

Me: What? No, I'll get it.

Princess Dawdle wandered in, looking half awake.

Drama Queen: Yeah, she's on the struggle bus too.

Where do they come up with these things?!

If you happen to be in our area and are looking for a good concert this weekend, Ladies Man, Drummer Boy and the whole troupe of Esprit de Corps will be performing at our church Saturday night at 7:00. You'll get to see Ladies Man croon like this.

Don't miss seeing the spirit of God flowing through this amazing group of kids.

That's all we got today, folks. Short and sweet. Enjoy your weekend and find more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary!

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