Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 243)

Drummer Boy went along as a sponsor on the Esprit de Corps tour and I was surprised and touched when I got a phone call from him Friday night. He had just called the night before and hearing from him at all when he's on a trip is rare, like it NEVER happens. I received a text earlier saying, "Ladies Man totally killed it tonight," meaning he had done a good job on his solo. The group had performed at a mission and many men who attended their concert were either drunk or high. Apparently it impacted everyone. He told me he was proud of the way the kids weren't shy to talk to the guys there and treated them with respect. The concert had gone well and the kids were moved. But what really got to me was the way Drummer Boy talked about his brother.

Drummer Boy: I wish you could have seen it, Mom. I wish you could have seen Ladies Man. He lost his voice yesterday and he had to sing another guy's solo because he was sick and he just got up there gave it everything he had.

As he was talking his voice choked.

Drummer Boy: He just nailed it. It was awesome. I wish you could have seen it. He didn't back away. He just got up there and was confident.

Me: A little different than the kid that had us all in tears dragging him to school, huh?

Drummer Boy: I know! I didn't even get to talk to him after the concert and he's on the other bus. When we get to the hotel I'm hugging the crap out of him.

The next night was their concert in Beatrice, and as soon as it was over Drummer Boy asked me what I thought.

Drummer Boy: Did you cry when Ladies Man sang?

Me: I got a little misty.

Drummer Boy: I got goose bumps again.

I've always loved the way Drummer Boy is not afraid to show his sensitive side and tell you how he's feeling, but seeing his genuine pride and appreciation for his little brother really touched me. I'm certain it deepened his relationship with him too, for I heard Ladies Man tell his sisters this.

Ladies Man: Yeah. Me and Drummer Boy bonded super tight on this trip.

Because our kids tease Kevin relentlessly, they decided he needed this shirt.

They thought it an added bonus that it was a bro tank. I love it. My kids are so fun.

Drama Queen has become obsessed with eyebrows, hers and everyone else's. The other night at dinner she couldn't stand looking at her dad's wiry, out of control ones and got a tweezer.

Drama Queen: Dad, here. I can fix you.

But as she started pulling she got a little grossed out and found hairs so long she thought she might hurt him.

Drama Queen: Ew. Dad.

Kevin: What?

Drama Queen: Why are they so long?

Kevin: Hey, I can grow hair. It's a talent.

Drama Queen's been working on a little project, a gift to give her boyfriend before he leaves on the youth group's Missions Trip. She bought tons of card stock and markers and stickers and has been clipping and pasting and writing all week.

Me: Are you going to be a scrapbooking mom who creates beautiful books for her children instead of giving them a box with their crap in it like me?

Drama Queen: I don't know.

Me: How much did all those supplies cost you?

Drama Queen: About 20 bucks.

You must understand that Drama Queen is VERY tight with her money. She'd rather not eat than pay for fast food. I was surprised she'd spend so much on paper products.

Me: Wow. Well, I guess you'll have lots left for other stuff.

Kevin (mocking): Yeah. You should have enough for your Control Center.

Drama Queen: Dad!

In last week's Esprit tour, Ladies Man was in a skit illustrating the inconsistencies we Christians sometimes display. This video is a little hard to hear, but you'll get the gist. For this performance they added an element not in the script, a squirrel that meets an untimely demise. (Reminder: Email subscribers will have to click over to the actual blog to view this.)

Ladies Man is leaving AGAIN today, but this time Princess Dawdle is going too. They're headed to Mississippi for the youth group Missions Trip. It's Princess Dawdle's first experience. She's been watching her siblings go on this trip forever. Last year as they loaded up, she said to me, "I want to get on that bus so bad!" But now that it's here she's a little nervous.

Not knowing about her conversations with me, Ladies Man asked her how she was feeling last night.

Ladies Man: Excited? Nervous? Both?

Princess Dawdle (trying to make light of it so as not to come off as the baby sister): Yeah. I guess. It'll be fine.

Ladies Man: Don't be nervous. It's a waste of time to be nervous. It's my new motto.

Princess Dawdle: Why wasn't that your motto when you were little?

Me: No kidding! Where was that motto ten years ago?

I'm not complaining, just happy he's no longer in scared-of-every-freaking-thing mode, plus it's fun seeing how it's given him compassion for the anxieties of others.

God does good work, no?

And don't worry, Princess Dawdle, you're gonna have an amazing time. Next Friday you'll be sorry the trip's almost over.

Though half our kids will be gone for the next eight days, life will be far from boring. We're attending our nephews wedding in Kansas. I'm giving a little teaser in church about my Africa trip on Sunday, then doing a more in depth travelogue on Thursday night. We've got a concert and a rehearsal and I'll be trying to spend as much time possible with dear friend who's moving soon. Life is full.

And God is good. I hope you know it to be true in your life too.

Have a great weekend, friends and enjoy more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary!


Kathleen Basi said...

This is a great set of QTs! Love the video. That's so funny, and so wince-worthy too. :) As always, your family is my hero.

Tami Boesiger said...

Always love seeing your name in the comments, Kathleen. Your words make me smile.