Friday, July 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 244)

--- 1 ---

I've been reading fairy tales lately and I think the language is seeping into my brain. A friend texted me the other day with, "Good morning," and I replied, "Good morning, good woman."

--- 2 ---

Ladies Man and Princess Dawdle are on a missions trip this week. On Day Two, one of the sponsors posted this pic of Ladies Man.

I've seen him buy "ladies pants" and cut them up for chaps. He's worn one of my dresses to be the Princess of Princess and the Pea. And now he's donning ladies nightwear for the fun of it. Should I be worried?

--- 3 ---

Drama Queen is constantly sizing people up. She watched a television commercial and quickly came up with this observation.

Drama Queen: He looks like a pig who went through a fire.

Don't ask me. I have no idea.

--- 4 ---

Princess Dawdle and Ladies Man have been gone all week and I was quite surprised we haven't heard from them, at least from Princess Dawdle. I'm used to hearing about every detail of her days, every conversation, who said what to who and her reactions to everything under the sun. I was kind of going through withdrawals not hearing her voice.

Last night, just as I was typing this--It's been a strange week without Ladies Man and Princess Dawdle here. We haven't heard from them ONCE!--she called and I got to hear her stories in her trademark way of going on and on and on. She told me she'd gotten an email from Drama Queen saying I had been whining about how I hadn't heard from her. Whining? Me?! Psshhht. Anyway, it was good to hear her voice, but sad to hear how grown up she sounded. The reality that my baby is starting high school is really hitting me.

--- 5 ---

It's strange to think that in a few short years my life is going to look very, very different. I try not to get all sentimental about that. I mean, there's good in every stage of life, right? But I'd be lying if I said it didn't bother me a bit.

Sometimes I think this mothering gig is a cruel joke. This cute little person comes into your life, steals your sleep, causes you to clean up all sorts of disgusting, sucks you dry financially, physically, mentally and emotionally, yet somehow captures your heart. You spend a good portion of your life trying to mold them into beautiful human beings, giving them the best years of your life, only to have them leave you.

And yet, how could I live without them?! Love you guys!

--- 6 ---

True confession time. It is county fair week in my neck of the woods. Would you believe I have lived in my town for almost 23 years and have never, NEVER been to the Gage County Fair? Does that make me a bad citizen? As a kid, I was in 4-H and the county fair was the big excitement of the summer. I loved baking my little plate of uniform cookies, but I totally stunk at sewing. It was always a stressful affair. I don't like sewing and cramming to get my projects done must have given me some weird aversion to county fairs now. Every year I think, we ought to do that, but a little voice in my head says, "Ew. That'll just be hot and sticky and if you walk around looking at the exhibits you'll probably feel inadequate and stupid as you see other people's amazing cooking and sewing and crafting skills."

Hey, maybe that's why I don't get a Pinterest account either.

--- 7 ---

Apparently I am a boring housewife because I'm feeling all international now with Facebook friends with names like this--Ahairwe Sam, Davis Kyomuhendo, Alfred Kanywe, and Edson Mwesigwa. I have another Ugandan friend, but silly Alex had to change his name and sound all normal calling himself Alex Kelly. Doesn't he understand he's messing with my image?! Anyway, the cool thing is these people are not just Facebook friends. I've had actual conversations with them!

I may have to learn how to say their African names so that when I'm feeling boring and uninteresting, I can slide them into conversation to impress others.

Or maybe just get more eye rolls.

I better just stick with who I am--Tami, the boring housewife. She may be bland, but she loves her life.

And I think that's gonna do it today, friends. Have a lovely weekend. Hey, maybe we should go to the fair! Nah. I'm chilling at home this weekend. Hope you do whatever floats your boat and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary!

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