Friday, September 06, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 250)

250 volumes of Quick Takes?! That's almost five years of silliness. To commemorate this milestone, I dug back in the archives and found the very first Quick Takes post from November 14, 2008. You can read it by clicking here. Is it sad to say all the things I wrote back then are still true about me?! Maybe this is why I'm losing my steam in posting to the blog this summer. I got nothing new to say, people. (Hint, hint--suggestions welcome.)

A few weeks ago, Kevin and I sang a song in church. In my estimation it was quite unremarkable, but Drama Queen must have thought differently. As soon as we finished, she sent me a text across the sanctuary.

Drama Queen's text: You didn't choose the thug life. It chose you.

I think that's a compliment, right? Isn't it a young way to say, "Nice job?"

Our boys truly celebrated Labor Day, chilling with the xbox in style.

Also over Labor Day weekend, my dear friend, Kelly, came for a visit from Colorado. Kelly is the woman who gave me the opportunity to go to Africa. Though I feared Beatrice, Nebraska would pale in comparison to her adventures in Uganda, I think she had a good time. I know my whole clan enjoyed her. You come back ANY TIME, sister!

For some reason she couldn't get cell service in our town. She could pick it up anywhere else we went, but not in Beatrice. Weird. Maybe we really do live in the boonies.

We spent some time over the weekend with my family too, recalling stories with my mom and sister about people from our home town and our escapades as kids. I'd show you a picture, but unfortunately my memory card traveled back to Colorado with her in her computer. Next week!

We've been hearing strange noises at our house. Ladies Man has long been practicing the art of "beat boxing." For those of you not familiar with the term, it's when a person makes percussion noises with their mouth. Ladies Man's been spitting around with it for a long time, but lately he's trying to perfect his throat bass sounds. Here's a sampling with Princess Dawdle giving it a whirl too. (This was taken from a Vine video, so it will repeat the same six seconds over and over. When you get tired of it, click the little icon in the upper left hand corner til you get the red "x" that mutes it. And trust me. You WILL get tired of it. If you can't hear it to start with, scroll your cursor in the upper left hand corner and click to get the green arcs coming out of the little icon.)

When I unloaded a few groceries from my car, I found I could get everything in one trip except a watermelon. I knew I wouldn't be needing it that day, so I left it there thinking I'd grab it later. Besides, I didn't have room in my refrigerator for it and I hate having it laying around on my counter. You can guess what happened, right?

That day turned into the next day and the next and the next. I forgot it was back there until Kevin asked what was rolling around in the back of the van. When we finally retrieved it, look what we found.

It's a plastic screw wedged into the melon, and I mean WEDGED! Also, I cannot recommend this type of storage solution for a watermelon, because when I cut into it, half the fruit tasted a little fermented. What? You can't keep a watermelon good for a few days in a closed vehicle in high temperatures?

Yes. You can say it. I am a ding dong.

I started classes this week towards a master's degree and just a few days in I'm realizing I need to adjust my brain a little. I have not been in the world of academia for several years and it's like refreshing oneself to a whole nother language. (Yes, I see the poor word choice I used there. Good thing I'm gettin me somma dat edjucashun.)

I do believe I'm already getting smarter. I find myself analyzing words more carefully as I read and striking a thoughtful, contemplative pose every few minutes.

Or that could be a fancy, academic way of saying I'm totally confused.

It is what it is. You decide. That's the story here this week, friends. I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


Deanna said...

Going back to school, how fun. I love going to school. What will you get your degree in?

Tami Boesiger said...

I'm doing coursework to get a Master's in Biblical Counseling.