Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 251)

You ever have one of those weeks that feels like a blur? Yeah, that would be this week at our house. I will attempt coherency here today, but I'm making no promises.

Drama Queen and some of her drum line buddies filmed a Pepsi commercial to be aired in Memorial Stadium on game days. What do you think?

Last Friday night, Ladies Man and Princess Dawdle marched together for the first time at the football game. I managed to get this pic of the two of them together doing their thing. Ladies Man is on the ladder as the drum major and Princess Dawdle is the middle sax player in front of him.

It kinda looks like I photoshopped Ladies Man in here, but I promise I didn't. I'm sure he'd laugh at the suggestion I'd know how to do that!

Speaking of being technically challenged, is it just me or is it impossible to stay on top of this technology stuff? If it weren't for my kids I'd never know what was going on. (Don't say it, my darling children. I know what you're thinking.) Just when I got the hang of Facebook, Twitter came around and was followed by Youtube and Skype and Pinterest and Instagram and Snapchat and Facetime and so on. I've tried to keep up, really I have. I have a Twitter account, but can't say I know how to use it effectively. Drama Queen and Princess Dawdle are all into Pinterest, but I'm afraid to get my own account in fear of the black hole of time it may suck out of me if I get addicted. Lately all I hear about from my high school kids is Vine. Oy! It makes me dizzy! Seriously, once my kids are all out of the house I will be an old lady simply because I'll have no idea what the latest rage on the web is.

This makes me annoyed. I should be better at this. You'd never guess it now, but I was a computer applications minor in college. I programmed in all kinds of computer languages that don't even exist now. This stupid technology business is making me old before my time. Back when I was a a teenager, this stuff didn't age parents like it does now . . . wait, I think I just aged myself with my words.


I did redeem myself some in technology terminology when Ladies Man took this pic.

Ladies Man: Hey Dad, let's take a selfie.

Kevin: Why do you call it a selfie when it's two people?

Me: Because he took it himself.

Ladies Man: Yeah, see Dad? Mom is hip.

Uh huh. You heard it!

Princess Dawdle got her Learner's Permit this week.

Drummer Boy rode along with us on her maiden voyage behind the wheel. I should have let him sit in the front seat. He was so calm and gave good tips I wasn't thinking of as I tried to slow my breathing. This could work out to my advantage. If I send him with her I might not have to take blood pressure meds.

I scored a big fat F as a driving teacher yesterday when Princess Dawdle asked if she could drive on some errands we were running. My first mistake was letting her do it when I had a huge headache I hadn't been able to kick all afternoon and was thus feeling, shall we say, less than patient. Stupid move number two was allowing a new driver to drive at 4:30 in the afternoon when there is more traffic. And the topper was taking her on a route that involved one way streets she's never driven before. We were in the car only a few minutes when she announced I was freaking her out and before ten minutes had expired she slammed into a parking spot, got out in tears and said, "Fine. I'm a terrible driver. You drive." It was not our best moment.

I felt like a horrible mom, but we made it right with tears and hugs and apologies. I am very lucky to have gracious children.

After we made up, I totally swung the parenting pendulum and went from monster mom to super-lenient-who-cares-if-it-will-spoil-your-dinner mom and got her a strawberry shake and me a large iced vanilla latte.

It's the little things that keep us mamas sane, no?

And that's a wrap for today, friends. Have a great weekend and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary!

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