Friday, October 04, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 253)

You may have noticed I've been MIA on the blog lately. My September was a killer and something had to give. I must say it did my heart good to have a few people ask, though. Ladies Man told me his girlfriend snapchatted him last Friday with a sad face saying, "No Quick Takes." Hey thanks, girl! Anyway, for the three of you still reading, this bone's for you.

I've been saving this pic for a few weeks. It's Princess Dawdle's debut in her band uniform. They performed at a clinic we didn't attend and I loved that Ladies Man thought to take a picture. They really look alike here! I just love it.

Drummer Boy is playing for his dad in the Beatrice Regional Orchestra this fall and found this at rehearsal the other night.

That's a towel TAPED to the bass drum. Apparently it's not uncommon to dampen the sound of a bass drum with a towel, but usually you hold it to the head yourself, not permanently attach it. Drummer Boy, in his trademark way, had some fun with it and after removing the towel, left a note from the "Percussion God" as to its proper function.

Will this start a whole new kind of joke? You know you're in a middle school band room when . . . ? Go for it. Give me a doozy!

How's this for a strange contraption? Drama Queen's boyfriend bought her a t-shirt folder, because, you know, t-shirt folding is so complicated, unlike this weird gadget.

I guess the good news is she's getting the job done without me. More power to ya, babe!

So I went through the McDonald's drive thru the other day to pick up a latte on my way to Bible study. I must have been slightly crabby as the perfectly cordial man handing me my latte annoyed the snot out of me.

"Thank you, ma'am. Come back again please."

Now I know that's a reasonable, nice thing to say, but when he called me ma'am, he shouldn't have added the come back again part. Whenever somebody calls me "ma'am" I hear "old woman." So what I heard was:

"Thank you, old woman. Come back again please."

What woman would want to come back after being called old?!

Yes, I recognize my abnormal sensitivity to the word "ma'am." It's just that in college I worked as a grocery store clerk and with every customer I made a judgment call on their age. The younger women I called "miss" and the older ones I called (wait for it) "ma'am." Now I'm the older woman! ACK!

Truly I am making progress in my worries about age, really I am, but it reminds me of the boxes you check for your age on surveys which irritate me too. The categories go something like this:

15-18 years
19-24 years
25-32 years
33-109 years

Have you noticed the age span in each category gets a little bigger with every step? What? After 32 you're just plain old?!

Maybe I haven't made as much progress as I thought. Poop.

It's homecoming week at our high school and the kids have been dressing up all week. Here are a few of my favorite pics.

On USA day, Ladies Man donned this garb and called himself Game Show Host USA. You should be impressed. That's a real bow tie he can tie himself.

Wednesday brought Character Day. Princess Dawdle joined a friend to be Thing 1 and Thing 2. (Many thanks to Thing 2's mother who made their shirts. Nice work, friend!) I'm not sure if you can tell or not, but her hair is blue.

Ladies Man was part of the Three Muskateers.

He's so intimidating with that stick horse and foam sword!

On Thursday (you can probably guess if you do Facebook at all) it was Throwback Thursday. Ladies Man donned the Michael Jackson jacket he got for a middle school show choir gig (how does it still kinda fit?) and Princess Dawdle wore my sister's letter jacket (mine was WAYYYYYYYYY too big--I was more than a tad larger in high school than I am now).

Ladies Man has a super huge weekend ahead. Tonight is the Homecoming game at the high school. He's up for Homecoming King so we'll stay afterward for the crowning ceremony. Saturday morning we'll watch he and Princess Dawdle in a marching band competition in Lincoln, then it's back home for the high school musical where he'll be Captain Von Trapp. (Shameless plug--Come see The Sound of Music at Beatrice High School, October 5th at 7:30 and October 7th and 8th at 7:00.)

It's so exciting to see him do his thing. We never imagined he'd be the outgoing guy he is today. As a kid we had HORRIBLE struggles getting him to school or any kind of activity. Now he's into everything. I'm so proud of the way he's pushed himself out of his comfort zone and found enjoyment along the way. God does good work!

And that's all for this Friday, friends. Have a super weekend and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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Kathleen Basi said...

I laughed all the way through this post. Those costumes are absolutely priceless! And the T shirt folder take was hilarious.