Friday, September 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 252)

After two weeks of waiting, I finally have a picture of Kelly's visit. Here's me, Kelly, my mom and my sister. Yes, I promise that is truly my sister. I know we don't look a bit alike, but people say we SOUND alike.

It sorta looks like we planned for this pic since we are color coordinated, but I assure you that was a happy accident.

I've been away a few days this week with some friends for some R & R I didn't realize how badly I needed until we got to our destination. What is it about getting away that lessens your stress level? All the stuff you have to do is still there, but somehow loses its importance.

Like blogging, for instance. I don't even care that it's nearly 8:AM and the Quick Takes are not done.

How about a pic of my Drama Queen hanging with the guys? Here's a picture of the 2013 University of Nebraska snare drum line.

While we were watching them warm up before the UCLA game last Saturday, a UCLA fan was among the crowd. When they finished he said, "I hope your team isn't as good as them or we're in trouble." He didn't need to worry as we got pummeled in the second half. And for the record, Drama Queen says the snares didn't play good either that day. But she sure looks good!

From what I just said, you probably assume we attended the Husker game last week, but we didn't. Occasionally we'll get tickets, but they're expensive, especially since we're just there to see the band. Every game day, the band has a rehearsal six hours prior to game time. Those rehearsals are free and open to the public, so we go to watch the band practice their half time show. We get to see the show without the noise of game spectators drowning it out. When rehearsal is over, we'll take Drama Queen to get something to eat and then go back to campus to watch them warm up in uniform and play through their show music for the crowd. As they march to the stadium, we walk back to our car.

You can imagine as we're walking back to our vehicle we are completing going against the flow of traffic. 90,000 people are headed to the stadium as we're walking away from it. Kevin, who often feels like an oddball in society as a male who makes a living in music, made an important observation. Dodging the hordes of fans going the opposite direction as we were he said, "This is like a commentary on our life."

We may be going a different direction, honey, but I love our life. And you. Exactly how you are. You are my Creator of beauty husband I am blessed to do life with.

I don't really have a #5 and because of Quick Take #2, I've decided "Oh well." I guess I'll just be boring today.

Even though my birthday isn't until January, I've been dealing with some birthday angst already as my next one brings the big 5-0. I'm not sure why it's buggged me so much. Maybe it's because most of my friends are younger than me, my husband's younger than me and this week I realized one of my dearest friends is closer in age to my SON than me. YIKES! But I think God's helping me some, sending Arnold and faithful friends to remind me I'm in better shape now than I was at 40. This week I stumbled across an online article declaring the perfect age for women to be 53. Boo yah! I think I may be ready to celebrate when the big day comes.

50. Psshhht. You are no big deal. (Remind me of this when January rolls around, you hear?)

Speaking of birthdays, tomorrow is my wonderful husband's birthday. Do you think I'll get in trouble for telling you he'll be 48? Marrying a younger man is really pretty smart if you think about it. Women almost always outlive men, so if I'm older to start with our deaths are more likely to be closer together and I won't have to live for twenty years without him, in theory anyway. I've already decided he will die before me. I eat better, exercise more, generally take better care of myself. The only thing he's got on me is that he sleeps more.

That's the scoop in the Boesiger house this week. Enjoy your weekend (Wish Kevin a happy birthday!) and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary!

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Marsha Young said...

Isn't it odd how some birthdays just "get to us" more than others.

I blew right passed fifty without a thought. But a couple of years ago, my birthday almost sunk me. :)

Go figure. Happy birthday to Kevin.