Friday, October 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 255)

After working out last week, Kevin and I were in the drive-thru at McDonald's (don't anyone dare say anything!) and I was jabbering away.

Kevin (out of no where): You're cute.

Me (wondering what planet he was living on as I was sweaty and grody, wearing no makeup and going on and on about nothing): I'm cute?!

Kevin: Yes.

Me (still doubting his sanity): Okay. I'm glad you think so.

Kevin: Am I affirming you yet?

And I just bust out laughing. He is so funny, isn't he?

And speaking of my funny husband, we were super excited to find out this week that one of his choir anthems is being published by Hope Publishing. He has a lot of anthems published with Lorenz but has found it difficult to break into a new publishing house. He's been working at it for years. Though he says not to get too excited because we'll probably be lucky to make twenty bucks, I am still very proud of him. Your perseverance and work are paying off, babe! Congratulations!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, our local high school had a "Pink Out" at a volleyball game. Ladies Man chose this ensemble.

It takes talent to tie a tie that short! I am really gonna miss this kid's goofiness next year when he moves away to college. Sniff.

I was rather impressed with myself the other day as I successfully took apart my vacuum and retrieved a sock out of its motor. The sock suffered little damage and I even got the vacuum back together and in working order! Mmmm hmmm. Go ahead and say it. I am a stud.

And yes, I am purposely ignoring the fact that I vacuumed up said sock in the first place, so let's not steal a girl's thunder and mention that, okay?

Princess Dawdle and Ladies Man have been practicing a song for a high school vocal concert on Monday. I was in the kitchen cleaning up dishes the first time I heard it and thought they were playing along with a recording. Soon they wandered into the kitchen to sing it for us and I discovered it was just them. I know I'm biased, but they sounded GOOD! I can't wait to see them perform it for the audience.

Ten years ago I didn't like to leave those two alone in a room together fearing what they might do to each other if they got mad and now as teenagers they're choosing, without my knowledge I might add, to sing a duet together in public?

Wow. A miracle. God does GREAT work.

I unexpectedly had all my chicks and then some in the nest last night for supper. At first I panicked thinking I may not have enough food for everyone, but later I wished I had kept my big mouth shut. There was plenty and it was a lively time. Plus it makes me warm and fuzzy inside to think kids feel comfortable dropping in.

My kids like to razz each other, especially in front of others, and last night was no exception. I guess I forgot how crazy things can get and I realized our dinner table without everyone there is much calmer as a general rule now. Kinda made me miss the "good ole days" which is completely dumb since they were all there!

There is one thing I can live without though. In the presence of his older siblings and guests, Ladies Man reverts to his exhibitionist ways and Kevin had to pull out what used to be a standard phrase, "Put your shirt down!"

Maybe it's okay to grow out of some things.

My brain is weary and my eyes are sore and I'm calling it quits here, folks. I hope you enjoy your weekend. Pray for me. I'm taking Ladies Man to a college open house tomorrow. Sniff, sniff, sigh. This birdies-leaving-the-nest thing never gets easier.

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RAnn said...

My first one went to college this year; the other one won't go for another eight years but it sure will be strange when they are gone.