Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 263)

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I actually enjoyed turning 50. I liked the suggestion of one friend saying I was now part of the 50 & Fabulous Club. I'm gonna go with it, although twenty years ago I thought that meant something a little different. I want to assure you that while I do own a lot of purple clothing, I DON'T own a red hat.

Wait, is that denial talking?

We started the festivities with a fun dinner with friends. We tried a new restaurant we've heard wonderful things about. It was very good, but the wait was enormous. With silly people like these, though, we hardly noticed.

The boys are a little unpredictable. RJ is working on his Hitler look. Mark is being his charming self. And Kevin . . . you tell me.

The next night we were able to gather our whole family together for more silliness. I was super happy my mom could join us.

We were sad Kevin's parents couldn't make it, though, as his dad was in the hospital all week. Sigh. Missed you guys!

It's not too much to ask for one nice picture with my kids, is it? This is what I get. Doesn't it take more effort to do this than to just smile?

It took a while, but they finally obliged me.

This picture my mom took is pretty decent too.

After dinner I joined some friends from high school for a big 50th birthday bash. Four of us in this picture turned 50 within days of each other (and three others with January birthdays couldn't make it!). Two turned 50 in December and the rest will turn 50 by August. We spent the evening reminiscing over the stupid stuff we did as kids and trying to figure out where all our classmates ended up. I really enjoyed seeing these women I spent so much time with over 30 years ago. Thanks for a great evening, girls!

Not only did I hang out with people in high school born around the same time of year, but in my Wednesday night Bible study group there were SIX people with January birthdays! What happens to people in March?! You know that phrase "Beware the ides of March"? It's supposed to have something to do with the assassination of Caesar, but I wonder if it's code for something else!

Suddenly I am sympathizing with women of mature age putting on makeup. You know how sometimes it doesn't look so straight or their lipstick is outside of their actual lips or the eyeshadow is smeared in odd places? I totally get it now. Even at 50 my eyelids are droopy enough that eyeliner is getting harder and harder to get on right. There are days I'm thankful I can hide behind my glasses! What will the next 20 years bring?! Mascara on my forehead? Blush on my ears? Globs of foundation on my chest?

Maybe by then people will find my poor skills and droopy skin endearing. At the very least I guess I'll give people something to laugh about.

At one time or another, my children have thought it a good idea to start a blog. Drummer Boy actually wrote on his the most, but it's been a few years. Drama Queen and Ladies Man each took a stab at it. And now Princess Dawdle took the plunge. She's been asking me for over a week, "Is it fun to have a blog?" and finally decided to go for it. You can read her insights at Princess Dawdle Diaries (I should get some sort of kick back for that title, don't ya think?) My favorite part of the post is her personality coming through loud and clear. Plus, I chuckled at the P.S.

"P.S. Here's a link to my mom's blog. I advise you read it.. because it's cool... and cool people read it... so yeah. "

So yeah, you are cool people! Sweet.

The birthday fun continues as I hang out with more cool people tomorrow. I guess when you get as old as me you get to stretch out the fun because either 1) you can't survive it otherwise or 2) everyone feels sorry for you.

Whatever the reason, I don't care. I'm not feeling sorry for myself at all. I enjoy my life and my people and especially this guy I get to keep as long as we both shall live. I love how this picture captures the happiness I felt the night of my birthday.

I pray you look for the joy in your life this day and enjoy more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary

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