Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 264)

I enjoyed spending some time with good friends and doing some more birthday celebrating last weekend. My friend, Amanda, has a birthday in January too and since she's left me (sniff, sniff), moving to a different town, we take full advantage of any opportunity to get together. OF COURSE we had to hang out for our birthdays. Our friend Edie and Amanda's sisters joined us for a shopping extravaganza. And food fest. And general merry making.

This is the last thing I'm going to say about my birthday until next year. I PROMISE. I just HAVE to show you the awesome gift my mom gave me.

It's a framed print of a newspaper article a local paper ran about my trip to Uganda. The gold plaque at the bottom says "Fulfilling God's Plan" and lists Proverbs 16:9. What a cool way to commemorate an amazing experience. (It looks fantastic in my office, by the way.) Thanks, Mom. I LOVE it!

I've been having trouble sleeping lately (Who am I kidding? One of the constants in my life is my difficulty in achieving a good night's sleep), thinking about the many activities ahead, the biggest of which is Ladies Man's graduation. There is SO MUCH TO DO to get this kid ready for next fall--college visits, scholarship applications, scholarship auditions--and it all has to happen in the next few months. All this on top of the regular crazy schedule our family has in February and March with show choir competitions, drum line competitions and speech meets. I keep chanting, "I will not hyperventilate. I will NOT hyperventilate. I WILL NOT HYPERVENTILATE!" I know we'll get through it. A friend sent me this to remind me survival is sure.

Amen, sister. AMEN! We will press on.

Speaking of speech meets, Ladies Man and his friend competed in their first meet last Saturday in the duet acting category. I haven't seen their sketch yet, but it's called "The Pom Pom Boys." Knowing how animated these two get, my imagination has gone wild and I can't wait to watch it, hopefully this Saturday. They were super excited to get 1st place last weekend competing against the Lincoln schools. Congratulations, guys! Really proud of you!

Since Drama Queen has moved into a house with three other girls, they all seem to be finding their domestic sides. For some reason, Drama Queen takes great joy in snapchatting us pictures of her culinary creations. This is what we got on Tuesday.

I told her it looked pretty and healthy. Just what I like in food. And you know what else is funny? I remember having dishes exactly like that plate when I was a kid! Corelle all the way, baby.

My kids like to tease me about my "word bloopers," those times my tongue gets ahead of my brain and the words come out all wrong. Usually I think they are totally full of it, but I caught myself in one last night and I was lucky they weren't around to hear it. (Apparently I am stupid too, as I am about to clue them in!)

I felt really groggy all day yesterday and had a tough time working up the motivation to do ANYTHING. I kept at it, but by the time dinner rolled around I ran out of steam. I started a pot of rice, but just couldn't muster up the energy to do anything else. I had a headache and just felt lethargic. My dear husband, always one to make my life easier (and maybe trying to avoid stir-fry which he politely tolerates), offered to order pizza and I took him up on it.

Me: I just don't feel good today. I'm not even that hungry.

Kevin: Then you don't need to be worrying about dinner.

Isn't he fabulous?! That's all it took for me to cave and soon he was walking in the door with pizza. I decided to eat a little and it did improve my head and mood.

Kevin: Are you feeling better?

Me: Yeah. Maybe I just didn't eat enough today. Can a person do that? Could I have under-eated?

Yeah. Ouch. Not only did I bloop a new word, but anyone from my family of origin is dying of laughter right now just imagining I could ever UNDER eat.

I'm calling it proof I may have been under the weather. Or sleep deprived. Yeah. That's gotta be it. I'm going with sleep deprived!

If you're looking for something different and wonderful to do this weekend and live in the Beatrice area, might I suggest coming to the Lincoln Symphony Concert right here in B-town? Yes! The full Lincoln Symphony will be performing at the Hevelone Center at Beatrice High School for an amazing admission price of $10. Students are FREE! The concert starts at 7:PM. This is a great opportunity to hear some spectacular music (It's the same concert they'll be performing Saturday night at the Lied Center in Lincoln for a higher admission price.). Don't miss it!

That's gonna do it for me today, friends. Enjoy your weekend and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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