Friday, February 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 268)

All of my boys, their father included, have what we affectionately call the Boesiger curse. Women, especially OLDER women, find them charming. Both of my sons find it easy to sweet talk teachers or women in authority and get their way. I've been chiding Ladies Man about it all semester, telling him college will NOT be that easy.

Me: You are going to have to study LOTS harder than you do now if you expect to get through college.

There is no need to record his response. You can imagine the eye roll and grunt, right? ANYWAY, you ever have one of those times when your parenting inconsistencies smack you in the face, when you wonder how your kids ever grew up without huge emotional and mental scars? I had a doozy when Ladies Man was choosing an outfit for scholarship auditions.

Me: I wouldn't wear jeans.

Ladies Man: I have to dress up for the whole day?!

Me: It won't kill you.

Ladies Man: Do I need to wear a tie?

Me: Yeah. That'd be nice.

Ladies Man: Should I wear a suit?

Me: It might not hurt, especially if there are any women doing the judging.

Ladies Man: I thought you said I couldn't charm my way through college.

Me: Maybe not for grades . . .

Ladies Man: But for money?! Mom! I feel like a prostitute!

Yet another reason I won't win Mother of the Year.

We celebrated Drama Queen's 21st birthday this week. 21! Can it be? I decided she was probably a little old to write "Happy Birthday" on her cake, so instead I did something to fit Drama Queen's personality.

Love you, babe. Happy Birthday!

Princess Dawdle had her first drum line competition Saturday. She seems to like having Drama Queen and Drummer Boy as her instructors. My mom got a great pic with all three of them in action.

Princess Dawdle is standing in front of the vibes on the left, Drama Queen is wearing the red jacket pulling on the mat, and Drummer Boy is in the plaid shirt messing with the sound system in the front. Who would've thought with eight years between them that Princess Dawdle and Drummer Boy would ever be involved in the same activity? Cool. Princess Dawdles was definitely NOT cool to her mother though. Here's her don't-do-it face I ignored.

We have proof graphic design is a good field for Ladies Man. He did this on the back of his trig project.

Did you catch the pun? I loved it.

It was a week for school projects. Princess Dawdle had to construct a cell city. She went for creativity in designing a little Indian village. Don't ask me to explain what each one represents. She knew. I thought the little Indians she made out of clay were adorable.

Have you noticed whenever your kids do something they think they're awesome, but if you try to do it, they think you're completely out of your head? Drummer Boy and Ladies Man wanted to take a picture with Drama Queen's cake and I jumped in at the last minute saying, "I'm gonna creep on your picture."

They thought it was so funny I announced my creeping. Here's the "our stupid mother" pic right after.

I guess I'm entertaining. I gotta get points for something, right?

If you're looking for something different to do this weekend, head on over to Christ Community Church in good old Beatrice, Nebraska to hear a good concert at the Homestead Choral Festival. Concert starts Saturday night at 7.

And with that the Quick Takes are done for another week. Enjoy your weekend, friends, and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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