Friday, March 07, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 269)

Last weekend was lively. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Lloyd Larson and watch him in action at the Homestead Choral Festival. He did a marvelous job communicating with our musicians and participating in worship. It was a good shot in the arm for my husband. Lloyd has been Kevin's editor at Lorenz Publishing for a few years now, but they had never met so it was a real treat. I was surprised how alike he and Kevin were. Not only did Lloyd tell the choir the same kinds of things Kevin does, but they even wore the same shoes! Weird.

After dropping Lloyd off at the airport, we helped Drummer Boy move into a new apartment in Lincoln. It was great to see his good judgment in choosing a place that is secure, a perfect size, in his price range and close to work. As an added treat, if you cock your head just right when looking out his bedroom window, you get a great view of the state capitol.

I don't care how many times these kids of mine move in and out of my house, it still gets to me. Proof I am a super wuss. Good grief. He was moving less than an hour away and I moped around the house for a week before Drummer Boy left. My kids kept telling me I was acting "emo." How is it they get into your psyche like that? I'm choosing to focus on the positives of him having his own place. There are no cracker remnants and boxes left in the living room after late night video game sessions. And I don't have to find things like this in his room!

That is a cup of something that sat so long in his room, the mold petrified. It was hard as a rock!

Ew, Drummer Boy. EW!

Because of the Homestead Choral Festival, Kevin and I missed one of our kids' show choir competitions. When Kevin planned the event over a year ago, he purposely stayed away from the last Saturday in February because this particular competition always takes place then. Wouldn't you know they changed it this year?! ARG!!!!

It was especially sad to miss because our junior varsity group got second place and our varsity group took runner-up honors overall. Way to go guys! Thank you to the good parents who post pics on Facebook.

We have some wonderful friends who live across the street from us and our kids have basically grown up together. Summer time brought walks together as families to McDonald's for ice cream. Weekends were spent making videos at each other's houses or kids playing video games while the adults talked until the wee hours. We've spent a lot of time together over the years and I guess we got a little nostalgic at a school concert the other night when we realized all the kids were together again. It doesn't happen that often anymore.

I don't know why I got sentimental about it. Some things never change. They'll never grow up.

Wednesday night youth group was themed "Winter Olympics Night." Kids were supposed to come dressed to fit the theme. Ladies Man put together this ensemble. Can you guess who he is?

He was Bob Costas with pink eye! Sadly the middle school kids didn't get it. We thought it was hysterical.

Ladies Man and Drummer Boy came to church at different times last week but ended up looking quite a bit alike. Ladies Man calls this pic Twinnin Bros.

I could just scream right now. How hard is it to take a nice picture, boys?! Really?! GRRRRRRR!!!!!

This weekend looks to be a little less hectic. We'll attend the last show choir competition in Lincoln on Saturday which means not so much driving time involved. We may actually be home Saturday evening. Bonus! Tonight we're meeting some "kids" for dinner who used to be in our college Bible study years ago. I say "kids" because they're all grown adults with children of their own now.

Ugh. We're old.

(Note to my children: Zip it!)

Let the weekend begin! I hope yours is fabulous, friends. Start it off by reading more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Annette Ochsner said...

Your family is so great! LOVE #7. Excited to see you guys again.

jen said...

#7: I know! Some of my youth kids have kids now and my confirmation kids have almost all graduated from college!