Friday, April 11, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 272)

I dedicate this week's Quick Takes to Ladies Man's girlfriend who told me last week the first thing she does on Friday mornings is read the Quick Takes. Indulge me as I have a moment with her.

Good morning!
Thanks for giving this old lady a boost in the arm, girl.
Drink a cup of tea for me.
I hope you have a super Friday and terrific weekend.

A week and a half ago I ran into a man at the gym I've known for years. His grandson was a good friend of my son's and our paths have crossed often at school and musical events in our little town.  He and his wife are regulars at our local YMCA and I probably seem them a few times every week there. On this particular day he was coming as I was going.

Gym Friend: Done?

Me: At least for today.

I put on my coat and he got a horrified look on his face.

Gym Friend: What's all over your coat?

Me: What? Where?

Gym Friend: There's something all over the back of your coat.

He just stared at it like it was toxic or something.

Me: Do I need to take it off?

Nothing. Just solemn stares.

I took the coat off and turned it around and all I saw was a few lint balls. I looked back to him, still staring intently. At this point I got worried about him. Was he hallucinating? Was something wrong with him? Did I need to get some help? Finally he spoke.

Gym Friend: April Fool's! You're my second catch today.

Yep. Got me all right. Wow. Didn't see that one coming.

Ladies Man went to Prom last weekend. He and his friend have been dreaming all through high school about reenacting the guys from the movie Dumb and Dumber. They finally pulled it off. Look at this silliness.

This poor girl has put up with these guys and their gooniness for so many years she should get a prize.

I wore a new outfit to church a couple weeks ago. My kids hadn't seen it until they got to church that day, but when I told Princess Dawdle about it earlier in the week she seemed less than impressed. I chocked it up to being a fuddy duddy mother and was thankful I wouldn't have my new clothes stolen by my girls. But after singing worship songs that Sunday morning, I sat down and felt my phone buzz. It was a text from Princess Dawdle.

Princess Dawdle's text: So ur outfit . . . SCORE MOM SCORE!

Later she informed me she was "totally gonna steal those pants sometime." Mmmm hmm. And Drama Queen already took a turn with the shoes and jewelry.


Halfway through church last Sunday I told Kevin we should text Drummer Boy and have him meet us for lunch. Since he moved into his own apartment and drum line is over, we don't see him as much as we like. And we miss him. Apparently the whole FAMILY misses him as after church both Drama Queen and Ladies Man said they had texted him that morning too. Drummer Boy must have "felt the love" as he did drive down to eat and spend a few hours with us.

It made my heart happy to see my kids interacting and enjoying one another, although we did have one scary weird event. As we were leaving the restaurant, Drama Queen and her boyfriend left in one car. Ladies Man and his girlfriend in another, and Drummer Boy and Princess Dawdle in a third car. Of course they were going to race to the next destination. Drama Queen's boyfriend got out first and Ladies Man would not be overtaken by Drummer Boy so he actually squealed out of the parking lot and pulled out in front of a truck. It wasn't so close that there was danger of an accident, but the driver of the truck was plenty annoyed, layed on his horn BIG TIME and got right on Ladies Man's tail. We witnessed the whole event, but thought that was the end of it until a few minutes later when Drama Queen called to say the truck was following them. They tried taking all kinds of turns to lose him, but he kept with them. The three cars with my kids all stayed together, but Ladies Man got super freaked out. Just about the time Drama Queen's boyfriend, who was leading the whole caravan, decided to drive to the police station, the guy gave up the chase.

Poor Ladies Man was a nervous wreck and looked like he was going to throw up for about half an hour. I have to admit I was pretty relieved to see them all arrive in one piece. And you'll be happy to know I was the good mom who didn't say a thing about him learning his lesson. Wasn't necessary.

I got my MAN on yesterday, meaning I got handy and tough and took down a plaster wall in my laundry room all by myself. RAWR!

I decided to commemorate my success by snapchatting my children. Yes, I know, the woman who criticized the whole snapchat thing played along. I sent them this picture with the caption, "Your mother is a beast."

I take advantage of every opportunity to remind them I am no pushover.

(Please, my darling children, let me have some fantasies.)

Also, you should know that Kevin and I are finding more uses for snapchat. Take this doozy we sent Ladies Man and Princess Dawdle when they were sending us stupid videos from upstairs.

Princess Dawdle has left her Miss Innocent One years WAY behind her. She can banter with the best of us now and not skip a beat. Last week she told me she was going to clean her room and it was high time! I was glad it was her idea and I didn't have to be crabbyhead-stop-nagging-me Mom. But when I happened to walk by her room later, she had very little done and was laying on her bed messing with her ipod.

Me (summoning my best sarcastic tone): Wow, you're really getting your room clean.

Princess Dawdle (giving it right back): Yeah, Mom, I'm going places.

Oh my.

I hope you're going places too, people. Enjoy your weekend and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary

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Kathleen Basi said...

I loathe April Fools day. Someone said to me it's the bullies' day. I'd never thought of it that way and I thought it was an overreaction, but the more I think about it the more I have to admit there's something to that. Those of us who are super-straightforward always end up getting made fun of.

Scary stuff, too, with the truck. I'm not sure I could have kept my mouth shut...although the scary factor might have changed the dynamics enough to make it happen!