Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 274)

I had the most wonderful time last weekend. We got some work done around the house, but also had fun. It was a rare Saturday at home and HALLELUJAH! did we take advantage of it. We did our work in the morning, had a late lunch, spent some time as a family playing tennis and later in the evening relaxed around the fire pit with s'mores and a little Q & A. SO. WONDERFUL.

Sunday was Easter and after church, we spent it at home. All. DAY! That rarely happens on a Sunday and this girl was so content. I even took a nap. Lovely, lovely day.

It makes me think I should take more time for fun. It makes a person feel better, you know? I'm not so good at that, but I'm working on it. I think it would be win-win for everyone. I'd feel better and if Mama's happy . . . well, you know. Why has it taken me so long to do this?

The worst looking injury of the week goes to Princess Dawdle who's been sporting this ginormous bruise.

It didn't even happen in a cool way. Boo. She got it when she and a friend were messing around and ended up on the gym floor.

And my family called ME a klutz?

Love ya, babe.

It's district music contest time in our neck of the woods. Ladies Man gathered up his stuff and was checking off his mental to-do list.

Ladies Man: I better shave. Districts is all about looking sexy. Good thing I'm so good looking . . . ha! . . . KIDDING . . .

Princess Dawdle: Oh gag me!

Ladies Man (obviously wounded by his sister's quick response): Wow.

Kevin: You don't think your brother's good-looking?

Princess Dawdle: Wouldn't it be weird if I did?

Ladies Man (still wounded): Wow. I think you're pretty, but it doesn't mean I want to date you.

Princess Dawdle was forced to play nice. I mean, c'mon, what girl can resist her brother saying she's pretty? I always wanted an older brother to protect me and think I was pretty. Instead I got little brothers who tied my friends up with jump ropes whenever they came over. This girl doesn't know how good she's got it.

Princess Dawdle: Okay, okay. I can say he's attractive, but I don't want to date him. I guess that's okay.

There we go.

I spent some time cleaning out our decrepit garage. I think I did a really good job considering my tools. If you could have seen me using this broom you would have been very impressed.

Look out, Martha Stewart. I got me some skills. Sorta.

So I'm stalking my kids' Facebook pages for juice and they got nothing. NOTHING! My boys will say it's because nobody does Facebook anymore. Duh, Mom! What is the point of Facebook if you can't get any good information on your kids?! I may have to rethink my involvement.

Kevin came out of the bathroom in Subway with a burning question.

Kevin: Is it just me or is it weird that there's a big sign next to the sink that says, "Employees must wash hands before returning to work," and it's written in braille below it? Why would it need to be written in braille? Do they have any blind workers? That doesn't make any sense.

Me: Maybe it's for the blind customers to know the sign's not for them.

Kevin: If they're blind how would they know there's a sign there?! Are they just going to be feeling the walls for a sign?

Oh. Yeah. Good point. I think I need some sleep.

We're spending the day watching our kids do their thing at District Music Contest. Kevin gets to play crazy man and run from room to room accompanying kids while I chew the fat with other parents and hopefully some high school classmates who may be there. We are living the dream, I tell you.

Really. I think we are. We still kinda like each other. We enjoy our kids. We have good relationships and though life is not always perfect, God always is. He's teaching me to roll with the punches, not take myself so seriously, and find joy in little things (see Quick Take #1!). There's something very freeing about that.

I hope you know the freedom only He can give too, friends. May He keep chipping away at us til we get it. Enjoy your weekend and find more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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