Friday, May 16, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 276)

It's been an eventful two weeks for the Boesiger bunch. SO. MUCH. STUFF. GOING. ON. What does it mean that it took me a solid three days to recuperate? I wasn't just tired. I was brain dead. I didn't have the energy to make a phone call or write a short note.

I think part of my problem was lack of alone time. I've always known myself to be an introvert, but being around hoards of people every day for over a week got to my psyche, I tell you. Now with school out, my house is bustling at any given time of day and quiet is hard to come by. Finally yesterday morning I had a some calm, peaceful time in my little office sanctuary and I think my inner equilibrium is returning to normal.

(Aside--I really worry I'm gonna be a cranky old lady some day who can't tolerate any kind of noise. I think I'll start praying now for patience with grandchildren.)

What you get today is basically a recap of graduation week. With the exception of Princess Dawdle's show choir concert, all of this activity happened in the week prior to graduation. Yep. We got 'er done.

We started things off celebrating Drummer Boy's 24th birthday (holy moly). We often commemorate the occasion at a Mexican restaurant which is totally fitting as he's a Cinco de Mayo baby.

As usual, our kids were weird.

The tradition at our local Mexican restaurant is to smear whipped cream on the birthday victim boy's nose, but Drummer Boy got it in his beard. Ew. The waiters enjoyed it a little too much, don't you think? Eh, they're fun guys and nice enough that we left them some birthday cake.

Then everybody had to take a turn with the sombrero. This was by far the cutest.

I never get tired of that guy.

Sunday brought the scholastic banquet and program where Princess Dawdle was awarded an Academic letter and Ladies Man was recognized for his scholarships. Drama Queen tried to help her mother out with pics, but the stage was a little too far from where we were sitting. Just imagine my lovely children, 'kay? They were stunning.

Monday was a band concert. Princess Dawdle played saxophone in the Concert Band.

Ladies Man played in Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band and was given the Louis Armstrong Award.

Tuesday was the Spring Choral concert. Ladies Man got a workout this night as he sang in Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, a men's quartet and a duet with his best friend. Their duet choked me up as these two have been besties since they were babies. Really. They've known each other their whole lives and have remained super close. They sang the old Frank Sinatra/Sammy Davis Jr. song, "Me and My Shadow." It really tugged on this mama's heart.

Princess Dawdle also sang in Chamber Singers. No pic from that night to prove it, but here's one from District Music Contest. Can you pick them both out?

And no concert is complete without a little goofiness afterward from my kids.

Wednesday was Baccalaureate. Is it bad to say there was nothing monumental about it? Thus, no pictures. So, moving right along . . . Thursday brought the final varsity show choir concert for Ladies Man where he and a friend put together this number. Ladies Man has been looking for a way all year to use the beatboxing skills he works on all the time. He finally found a place. The synthesizer or percussion or bass sounds you'll hear in this are all produced by Ladies Man. (Note to email readers--You'll have to click over to the blog to watch this video.)

Princess Dawdle performed with the junior varsity show choir on another night (do you understand why it's taken me so long to see straight?!). They did a Disney set which gave them a reason to dress up in fun ways.

Princess Dawdle decided to be Cinderella. Her good friend dressed up as Merida from Brave. Don't you love her hair?

Of course Cinderella needs a Prince Charming. Princess Dawdle's friend played the part well.

The major event of the week was Ladies Man's graduation. I can't believe I have another kid out of high school.

I'm so proud of what this guy has overcome. You'd never guess he was afraid of doing everything when he was a little boy. He has come so far!

I should just say I'm proud of the whole lot.

These guys are always at it.

And so are my beloved children! This was their Happy Mother's Day pic.

But they can take a decent picture to humor their mother.

That's better. Crazy about those goons.

Whew! That about does it. I hope your week has been eventful or uneventful or whatever floats your boat. Enjoy the weekend (I know I will!) and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Kathleen Basi said...

Beautiful and inspiring as always. Find a nice creekside to sit by for a while to recharge!

Tami Boesiger said...

Kathleen, you always leave the nicest comments. Thanks, girl!