Friday, May 23, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 277)

I haven't hit my summer vibe yet. I'm a creature of habit and every year at this time I feel a little edgy trying to figure out the best way to order my day. My normal quiet during the school year is upset now. People are coming in and out around the clock. The routine is never the same depending on the fluctuating work and activity schedules of my kids. Having older kids means later nights where the activity doesn't stop even after I go to bed (which totally corroborates the fact that I am NOT the party animal of the house, as if there were any doubt!). Thank the Lord I'm learning to sleep through about anything.

To be honest, I've felt like a bum for the last week. I've basically kept the house going, meaning I'm doing a little laundry and feeding these people, but little else. I've spent most of my time devouring books and engaging in contemplative, reflective soul searching. Is it possible to figure one's life out? I don't think so, but I've been "drawing near to God" as best I know how to at least get my next step. This wandering ship needs some direction!

So I have to ask, how do YOU handle summer? How do you make the most of it? When the schedules of your people bleed into yours, how do you roll with it? I want to enjoy the down time, but I also want to get some things done I've put off because of lack of time during the school year. What is the balance between fun and productivity?

Perhaps I'm overthinking it all. (My friends who are spewing their coffee right now can save their breath. I know, I know. Just do today, Tam.)

You know the "sister sandwich" pictures we have with my boys and Drama Queen? I found myself sitting across the table from my sons and Princess Dawdle and thought it high time we get a sister sandwich with her.

Same expression, different girl, huh?

Can it really be true that a person graduates from high school and suddenly gets more mature? I was hoping to sleep in on Saturday, but Princess Dawdle was scheduled to drive for her driver's ed class. I may have done a little complaining about it (maybe) and Ladies Man heard me.

Ladies Man: I can get her there, Mom.

Me: Really? Won't you be out late tonight?

Ladies Man: That doesn't matter. I'll take her.

Me (thinking he meant well but wouldn't carry it out): Okay.

He must have understood my reservation as later that evening, around 11, I got a text saying, "I was serious about taking her in the morning. You sleep in."

I couldn't disappoint him and decline, could I? Of course not. Plus I really needed to be reacquainted with my bed, so I took him up on it. Though he got home very late the night before, he took care of it, even when Princess Dawdle overslept and he had to get her up and there in a manner of minutes.

Well done, son. Thanks!

There are distinct advantages to your children growing up. Holla!

I had to phone in to Verizon last week. UGH! I hate making those kind of calls, so I took a deep breath and dialed, sifted through all the automated junk and finally got a real live person, a real live perky person named Bristol. I explained my issue and got the standard reply.

Bristol: Yes. I can help you with that. One moment while I pull up your information.

There was some random humming and then . . .

Bristol: Got any plans for the weekend?

Me: Doing as little as possible. We had a graduation last weekend and we're still catching up.

Bristol: Oh, I totally get that. I graduated last year . . .

And she was off, regaling me with her graduation experience until she suddenly switched courses.

Bristol: Got any plans for the summer?

I mentioned something about Princess Dawdle and she asked if she was the graduate, then asked about my family. Somehow she could relate to anything and everything I said and had a story to prove it. All the while I'm wondering why her computer is so amazingly slow.

Bristol (as if reading my mind): Just waiting on your information to come up . . .

More random humming . . .

Bristol: Happy Belated Mother's Day, by the way.


Me (quite certain no one's ever told me that before and thinking maybe Bristol needs to lay off the caffeine for the morning but should receive ten gold stars for effort): Uh, thanks.

Make no mistake, however, for as much talking as Bristol did, she got the job done. Plus she left me chuckling at her youthful enthusiasm. I need to get me some of that.

For the last week we've been hearing fluttering noises coming out of our laundry room. At first we thought a bird got trapped in our vent hose, but then realized it wasn't trapped, it was flying in and out. A lot. When I heard the fluttering again the other day, I decided it was time to investigate further. I tapped the hose until the fluttering stopped and took it off to find this.

A bird had built a NEST in my dryer hose! I removed it carefully (no worries, there were no babies or even eggs) and hoped that was the end of it.

But shortly after removing the nest, I heard the fluttering again. I tapped on the hose (as a warning) and then turned the dryer on. TWO birds flew out and had the audacity to try to fly against the flow of air coming out. Really, you should have seen them, flapping their little wings so furiously as if to defy me. Finally they gave up and were joined by a third bird, perching on the electrical line near the vent like they were waiting me out. I knew I must be PMSing when I thought, "Yeah, you just try it. You ain't gonna get the best of me, you little boogers."

(Step away from the dryer, Tam . . .)

Speaking of talking to animals, we Ladies Man moved our his lizard, Elmo, downstairs because he always forgets about him in his room. Plus he can't take Elmo to college with him, so a move was inevitable. (Yay! I can finally give that critter the care it deserves.) I've been enjoying having the little guy in a place I can see and attend to him each day, but my kids think I'm nuts. It's not uncommon for me to talk to him as I walk through the room or try to get him to eat. My kids smirk, raise eyebrows at each other and say, "Who ya talkin' to, Mom?" like I'm some kinda whack job. But I tell you, that reptile is so much happier under my care. We got a thing, me and Elmo.

Hey, maybe you should call me the Lizard Whisperer. Yeah. I like it.

Kevin's taking me out this weekend. I don't think it has anything to do with his bum of a wife socialing with lizards and birds. I think he wants to show off his trophy wife . . .

Wow. Maybe I do need to get out.

Hope you have a great weekend, friends, and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary!

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Kathleen Basi said...

#4 and 5 made me laugh. We have a bird nest (WITH) babies in the vent for our basement bathroom fan. Not looking forward to cleaning it out when the season is over, let me tell you.