Friday, June 13, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 280)

Where has this week gone?! And what have I done with it?

I can't think of anything noteworthy or funny or interesting or even silly that has happened in the last week. Let's see . . . I sorta started sleeping better. Sorta. Which means I'm not awake for several hours at night, but still waking up lots and awake for the day pretty early. In other words, the dark circles are here to stay. Poop.

Ummm . . . I'm taking two classes for my masters degree. Anybody wanna talk about Bible hermeneutics?

Yeah. This could be very boring today, people.

I guess the most noteworthy event of the week was Ladies Man's injury. He took his long board (think really long skateboard) out for a spin on his lunch break from work and managed to wipe out. He came in the house with a trail of blood trickling down his arm and blood soaking through his sock from a cut toe (how does one do that through a tennis shoe?!), but the worst of it was his wrist that took all his weight when he fell. It's not broken, but plenty sore which puts a damper on working when your job is moving furniture. No worries. It's given him extra time for doing thank you notes for graduation. (Yeah, he's loving that.)

My other kids tease him about having "lady hands and arms" and it was confirmed when he started wearing an old wrist brace that Drama Queen wore a few years back when she fractured her wrist. He's got 11 inches on her, but that brace still fit! He didn't care about having lady arms though, when the brace helped.

I think he's starting to feel a bit better now. Let's hope he can be back in action by Monday.

I've felt very happy for Drummer Boy this week. That drumming contact Kevin got from his trip to the composer gathering has already made a connection. I loved reading his Facebook status yesterday morning, posted during the middle of the night:

It's nights like these, where I can't stop writing that I know this is what I'm supposed to be doing. Capping it off with getting an email response from Jim Casella doesn't hurt either.

(To get an idea of how big this connection is, click here.) One never knows where these things will lead, but I'm super excited for him. My baby is compiling a network. Very cool. Go get 'em, boy!

I found another wonderful advantage to having older children this week. I had to be gone all day Wednesday and because I spent Monday playing catch-up (you know the drill, groceries, errands, etc.) and Tuesday at a funeral and dealing with Ladies Man's wrist problem, my house was in not-so-good shape. Drama Queen, Ladies Man and Princess Dawdle were going to be home all day Wednesday, so I taped a note to the TV saying, "I think we've had enough Netflix and xbox, so help a mother out, okay?" and proceeded to fill the page with chores I wanted done, including laundry for the girls and the dreaded thank you notes for Ladies Man.

I knew they'd probably get the job done. They've always been pretty good about that, especially since Drama Queen would be around to put the smack down. But what I didn't expect was how they seemed to enjoy themselves! When I got home they were gone visiting their grandparents! Not only had they finished the page of chores, but Ladies Man finished a project for his grandma, the girls had worked on a craft project and all three of them ran around town together doing "errands." I have no idea exactly what those were as I didn't leave any, but when they got home they were all cheerful and content. I loved it!

Thank you, guys! You are the BEST!

I have to brag on my husband again. (It's my job, isn't it?) He found out last night he is getting a choral piece published with Pavane Publishing. This is a song that won 3rd place in a composition contest at Northwest Missouri State University probably ten years ago. He's been sending it out for at least six years and it's been rejected eight times! Did you read that? After six years and eight rejections it's finally getting picked up! He's broken into THREE publishing houses now. Woot!

Perseverance pays off, baby. Well maybe. We'll see.

I have a pain in the neck. Literally. I think it's from scrunching up in a chair on Sunday afternoon for like 5 HOURS watching Parenthood episodes with Drama Queen. I kept thinking I should be doing something besides watching TV, but I just couldn't tell that cute little face no when she kept saying, "Just one more, Mom." It was Sunday, the day of rest after all, and I loved hanging out with her the way she does with her roommates. And the show is a little addicting. Somehow they managed to bring me to tears in every episode. And it's a good chance to point out to Drama Queen what NOT to do in some cases, although she already knows. That girl's got it goin' ON, I tell you.

If you've managed to read this far, you should get a prize. I don't have any, of course, which is totally in the spirit of this bore-fest, but you can feel good about yourself all day when I say, "Good job. I'm proud of you."

There. You got some affirmation. Go and be stellar today. Own this day, friends. Take charge of it and run with it and enjoy the crap out of it, okay?

If you don't know where to start, try reading more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary. Be off!

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