Monday, July 21, 2014

God isn't American

I've been contemplating wants versus needs lately. Which of my desires are truly needs and which are just things I want? It's an important question to consider because Philippians 4:19 tells us "God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus." If something is truly a need, God promises to provide it.

I am bothered by the idea that needs are subjective. What I consider a need may not be considered so by someone else. I feel it a need to send my kids to college, yet the women I met in Uganda last summer would find that a luxury. They only needed to keep their kids fed. Can I count on God to provide funding for college? Business owners in America are told they need to have a website and internet presence to make it, but can the same be true of businessmen in Haiti? We Americans tell ourselves we have to "look the part" and maintain a certain image to succeed in our world, necessitating things from manicures to expensive clothing to state of the art facilities. There is some truth to it. I follow the reasoning myself. I buy new outfits for speaking gigs to look my best so I will be taken seriously. I color my hair so as not to be dismissed as old and out of date.

I want to believe that my American ideas are truly needs (and therefore things I can count on God to provide for me), but one thing eats at me.

God isn't American. Does He account for culture in determining needs? Does He view needs the same for all people? Does He consider where I live in His assessment of my needs?

I ask the question because I want some comfort when I have anxiety over money. I want to trust God will meet my needs, but don't know what qualifies as a need. Because God isn't American, does He view needs the same way I would?

I have no answers, friends, but would love to get your thoughts. Let's start a dialogue, people. What do you think?

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Odyssey Through Nebraska said...

This SO resonates with me. We live in a bigger house that is more than adequate. Since my husband switched jobs, we have less income, so we are trying to sell. For me, there is line between having faith that God will provide and expecting Him to do so. This has created a quandary for me now as our house is STILL on the market after several months. Do I assume that is because He wants us here and has a plan to make that happen? Or do we need to wait patiently for the time to be right and continue trying to sell? This would definitely not be an issue in many other countries. They are just grateful to have a place to call home. I want to be like that no matter we have settled a year from now.