Friday, October 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 295)

I ended up spending a lot of time with Ladies Man and his girlfriend over the weekend. Woot! Woot! It was homecoming weekend at his college and they were playing our alma mater, so Kevin and I attended the game and got to see him in action with the Mighty Tiger Marching Band.

On Sunday I attended his Homecoming Concert with The Girlfriend. We enjoyed some wonderful selections and got a good laugh out of the Symphonic Wind Ensemble's performance of "Extraction Number 9" which mimicked the panic and fear one may feel in a dentist's chair. At one point in the piece a guy came out with a lab coat on carrying a chain saw and laughing like a crazed lunatic. Apparently it was all very effective because as soon as the piece got over there was a little kid in the audience crying like he was scared to death.

Later as we left the music building, Ladies Man was carrying his choir robe and complaining about his garment bag.

Ladies Man: It just broke today. I went to zip it up and the zipper just didn't work.

I wasn't really feeling panicked about his garment bag. There are such bigger things to worry about, aren't there? But he didn't let it go.

Ladies Man: I thought about asking for a really nice garment bag for my birthday.

Me (not believing what I'm hearing): Oh?

Ladies Man: Yeah, you know you're getting old when you want a garment bag for your birthday. And also when you like the fact that you own your own towels.

Ha! I was too afraid to ask why.

A woman in my Bible study asked me about the Bible app I use on my iPad and the Bible translation called The Message. I explained to her that it isn't something for serious study, but sometimes when I'm confused about a passage I like to read it to see if it sparks a thought and then take that thought back to a different Bible version to compare. When I pulled it up on my iPad she laughed at the abbreviation used.

Bible study friend: MSG! Too much of it isn't good for you, but it sure adds flavor!

Perfect. Don't you love it?!

I've been trying to get my gang here all at the same time for a family dinner. The best way to communicate about such things is on our private family Facebook page. Our little "discussion" reminded me why I love my kids so much. They are so much FUN!

Me: So . . . we have a free Friday night this Friday. How about a family dinner at our house?

Friday night was a bust, so I took a suggestion by Drama Queen.

Me: Does Sunday work for everybody?

And crickets chirped for 23 hours. No response. At all. Finally Drama Queen broke the ice.


Which I DIED laughing at because this is so her--aggressive AND organized.

Me: Oh man, Drama Queen, I am dying!!

Drama Queen: #eventplannerprobs

And suddenly Ladies Man chimed in . . .

Ladies Man: #carrots

Me: So, is this a yes, Ladies Man? And hello, Drummer Boy, what say you?

Drummer Boy: Could probs do dat!

Oh my . . .

Drama Queen: I could hook ya up with a ride Drummer Boy.

Drummer Boy: Not an issue but WOOOOOOOOOOO!

Ladies Man: Well ya know I am a pretty busy and important man on campus soooooo....yea that works great.

Drummer Boy: Does dingus need a ride too?

Drummer Boy: dingus = Ladies Man

Ladies Man: Nah i think I'm coming down Friday.......maybe

I can already imagine the craziness that will be ensuing at my house on Sunday. Can't wait. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Kevin and I saw a movie trailer for Best of Me. From what I could gather, it's about a couple who fell in love as young people and then for whatever reason were separated for twenty years and came back together for some amazing love affair. I must have been feeling old and cynical that night.

Me: Oh brother. Does that really happen? Do people really pine away for each other for twenty years? Do they wait for someone that long or pursue them that long? Really?!

My husband has always been a romantic and proved it with his response.

Kevin: I don't know. I was just lucky to find the love of my life and have her with me always.

Cheesy? Yes. Did he still score points? Oh baby!!

My darling, cheesy husband has joined the Dollar Shave Club. Facebook finally wore him down with their smartly placed ads and he signed up. I couldn't believe how excited he was to get his first shipment. This company was made for men, I tell you. I want to work on their promotional staff as they must have a blast coming up with their materials. The package of Shave Butter (yes, that's really the name of it--SHAVE BUTTER) included these instructions:

1. Empty butter into palm. About a half dollar-sized amount is ideal.
2. Gently pat the butter onto your face and spread. You want a nice layer across the entire area.
3. Let your face marinate in the butter for about 15 seconds, approximately enough time to remind yourself how much ______ you're going to kick today. Now Shave.

The description on the Shave Butter says, "Dr. Carver's easy Shave Butter unforgettably transforms the dread of shaving into the joy of softly wiping whiskers off your face. Like the friend you've been missing your whole life, you'll wonder how you managed with anything else. . ."

Uh, WOMEN are dramatic?!

And then with each shipment you get the latest edition of the Bathroom Minutes which Kevin dutifully placed.

Yes, on the back of the toilet. Sheesh. I think they're really hooking men with their MEN ONLY products (hello, women shave too!) and the fact that they get a little box in the mail addressed to them every month. It reminds me of how excited I got as a kid when I knew it was almost time for my magazine subscription to come in the mail. Or school book orders. Yeah, it's like that. For grownup men.

I'm trying not to be offended, but Kevin wasn't nearly as excited when our new P90 exercise video series arrived in the mail yesterday. He's been whining forever about how he "should probably do something" in the exercise realm and being the loving, in-tune wife that I am, I simply tried to find a way to accommodate those desires. It had nothing to do with the delicious abs Kevin had a few years ago after completing P90X with Ladies Man. This is about HEALTH, people. And maybe also a little fear. I want this guy around for a while so he's gotta do what it takes to stay healthy.

C'mon, honey, you got this! Do your best and forget the rest. Remember? No fuddy duddy husbands!

Lest you feel sorry for poor Kevin with his exercise nazi wife, here's a story to prove he is dearly loved and appreciated. Princess Dawdle came home with a hankering for some Mexican food and begged to go to out for supper. I told her she needed to ask her dad. Their texting interchange went something like this.

Princess Dawdle: Playa for dinner?

Kevin: What did Mom say?

Princess Dawdle: She said to ask you.

Kevin: You both know I'm a sucker.

Princess Dawdle: Haha. Is that a yes?

Kevin: If I must be drug there, I suppose.

Princess Dawdle: Baha you must. I don't know if you're gonna survive this one.

Kevin: I might not.

Princess Dawdle: I'll hold your hand every step of the way old man ;)

Kevin: I hear you cluckin', big chicken!

My favorite part of this scene? Her comments to me DURING the texting.

Princess Dawdle: Dad's the best. I like Dad. I'm a lucky person, you know?

Yes you are, babe.

So are we all! We love you Kevin! I hope you have a great weekend enjoying the people you love most. Give yourself a break and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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