Monday, January 14, 2008


Joseph had a dream.

He didn't ask for it. God put it in his head. Though he didn't quite grasp its meaning, it started within him a gnawing curiosity about what God had planned for his life. Naturally he told those closest to him. But they didn't get it. They thought him a little too full of himself and decided to teach him a lesson.

As he was being drug to a foreign land, do you think he thought about that dream?

He remained faithful to what was before him and soon became a household servant. But when he wouldn't compromise himself to fulfill the desire of another, he was burned again, this time sent to prison, accused of something he did not do.

With plenty of time to contemplate in that jail cell, did he remember? Did he ask God what it was all about? Did he try to dismiss it, thinking it a childhood fantasy or impossibility? Or did a flicker of hope remain, motivating him to press on?

Like any of us, he had responsibilities and obligations. Did they cause him to forget? He gave his best and remained faithful in every duty, eventually working his way out of prison, rising in rank until he was second in command only to Pharaoh. Do you think he enjoyed his work? Or at the end of the day did he stare out into the darkness and remember he once had a dream? Did he find satisfaction or did his spirit nag him that there was something more?

And when his brothers bowed before him, begging for his mercy, did he weep not only for lost time, but because he recognized his dream occurring before his very eyes? Did he cry at the faithfulness of God's plan? Did years of wondering what God was doing suddenly make sense? Did it all seem worth it?

We all have dreams. We don't invent them. They are placed by God, not to be taken lightly or discarded. Some are years, many years in the making. We can doubt or we can press ahead with the tasks He has given us, knowing they are part of a perfect plan we cannot fathom.

Did Joseph ever lose sight of his dream? Did he ever think he heard wrong? Did he doubt it would or could happen? Wasn't he human? He chose to give his best where he was and trusted God for the rest. He was faithful and patient.

What is before you this day? What has God asked of you? How will you choose to answer? Will you shrug off the nagging as a childhood fantasy? Or will you dig in and do what is before you, trusting Him to provide the next step?

This earthly life is not for sissies. Imagine how dynamic, how persistent, how hard-working Joseph must have been to rise from slave to ruler. Does God expect less of you? Are you willing to put in years of work, years of toiling over the ordinary to see how God may fulfill your dream? Can you faithfully wait for His timing? Can you push through your doubts as you wait? Can you trust He is working you up to it? Are you willing to put in the grunt work only to wait?

The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it.
1 Thessalonians 5:24

Press on, my friends.


Dianne said...

Hm, this is a classic, Tami. Sometimes I forget my crazy dreams are not my own. I need to be reminded of this quite often.

Living Beyond said...

I dream all the time, often I think they are my muddled thoughts but I should pay more attention to things I remember and ask God about them.

Only once have I dreamed something that was life changing and that came true.

Just recently I have been asking God to govern my dreams and let me know if it is Him in any of them.

I love Joseph - yes he was a brat but I love how God orchastrated EVERYTHING in his life. When my life feels out of control I often think of Joseph. Thanks for your post - it ministered to me today.

Bless you.

Brenda said...

Are you willing to put in years of work, years of toiling over the ordinary to see how God may fulfill your dream?>>

Its His chance to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!! I love the verse at the end. Thanks Tami.

Lisa said...

Joseph's story has been so near to my heart these past months. Chuck Swindoll's study on him opened my eyes so much to Joseph's life. My son seems to be facing similiar struggles. Not to put him higher than other teens, but he is faithful, looking to God for his way. Right now he is struggling with those dreams that God has given him and the road that will lead him there. Please pray for him. He yearns for God's way in his life. I fear that as a parent, I have not lead him as God would want. Pray for us all to see God's hand. thanks so much. It is always awesome to see God open His heart through friends ( and blogs!!)

Anonymous said...

I've read this 5 times now. I'm still pondering. I have pictured my life more like the older brother of the prodigal. It was my admonishion to stay obedient and dutiful, BUT with a willing heart.

In the trenches of duty, I lost sight of dreams God has for me.

When God gave Joseph that first dream, He knew the journey would be long and hard. The course of his life would look nothing like fulfillment.

Did Joseph always remember? Good question. Maybe the real answer is: God remembered.

Thanks for making my think, Linda