Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Satan's Best Trick

Woman A notices Woman B's workout routine is starting to pay off, catches sight of her own hips in the window and grimaces. Woman B wishes she had hair like Woman C, who wonders how Woman A got her teeth so white.

Woman X offers Woman Y a breath mint. Woman Y immediately starts analyzing whether she needs it or not while Woman X hopes being polite does not expose her own halitosis.

Woman D becomes paranoid as Woman E keeps staring at her waist, certain she notices her PMS bloating. Woman E envies Woman D's belt.

Woman R sighs as she steps away from the sink, thinking her hair looks bad. Woman S frowns at her reflection, silently bemoaning the new wrinkles she sees. Woman T enters the bathroom, smiles at them both, secretly wishing she was as together as they are.

Woman L is self-conscious of the zit on her chin as she talks with Woman M who is embarrassed her earrings don't match her shirt.

Woman F wishes she were as thin as Woman G. Woman G longs for a chest like Woman H. Woman H wants to be as young as Woman I. Woman I yearns for pretty eyes like Woman F.

Eyes roam. Comparisons abound. Satan laughs.

What is a woman to do?

Photo Credit: I wish i was the Royal Trux


Brenda said...

Woman B thinks Woman T wrote an awesome post. I need to keep my eyes in the right place and my motives pure.

Betsy Markman said...

Fun entry!

Emiley said...

This is SO true! Thanks for the reminder to be on our guards to this very effective trick of his.

SO fun to see you!!!

Linda said...

Woman L notices the smooth, young wrinkle free skin of Woman T and cringes at her older tired look. Woman L also feels guilty about the time workouts can take away from other things of higher priority-like study, worship and spending time with God.

Great deceptions. Great priority reminder. Great post.

MiPa said...

Woman M just got a reality check. Thank you my friend.

Rachelle said...

Wow, great insight!

Living Beyond said...

Brilliant - when are you going to put that in your book!!!

Susan said...

Now this woman looks at YOU and thanks God for your beauty, inside and out, and for your many gifts.

Thanks for sharing them with us.

This was GREAT!!!

I'm so glad you haven't taken your talent and hid it.

Love you Tami♥

Diane ~ said...

wow! So true & so brilliantly written! and all this because we are too self centered, seeing the world through our eyes; instead of being God centered & trying to see the world through His eyes.
thank you for puting this posting up!