Friday, August 07, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Volume 45)

1) Here's an indication of how much time I spend on my computer. I'm wearing the lettering off some of my keys! My S is a teeny dash. My N looks like it's in braille. My E is chopped off at the top, resembling a sideways u. My D will be the next fatality. It's fading fast. I guess I'm typing "SNED" too much, or "SEND" or "ENDS" or "DENS" or. . .Okay, that's just stupid.

2) Quick note to my friend, Rachelle, who teased me about my road rage last week--you better hope you never get in front of me, babe!

3) Have you ever noticed when you're feeling the most doggy about yourself that your friends look FANTASTIC?! I love you guys, really I do, but could you throw a hormonal woman a bone and look bad at least one day?

4) So I've been reading about how to boost my blog traffic and I've done most of the things the experts suggest--comment on other blogs, hook up with Facebook and Twitter, give some linky love, do some guest posting. There's something like 133 million blogs out there. According to my Technorati number I rank 720,120th, which in a pool of 133 million isn't bad, I guess, but coming in 720,000th doesn't sound very successful, does it?

The most important step to a good blog is having "compelling content" which is something I can't fairly evaluate. I'm afraid my "compelling" factor may be my downfall along with not having enough UNIQUE content. I'm one of a bazillion Christian women bloggers chronicling their walk with God. It's hard to break out of the pack. Maybe it isn't necessary. Maybe it's just fine for each of us to reach our own little corner of the world. It might be more effective in the scope of things too. My prayer this week has been for God to make me more faithful than famous.

5) I read in the newspaper this week about the journals of John Quincy Adams. Starting on August 5, 1809 he chronicled a journey he took to Russia as a U.S. minister, using one page per month, one line for each day. His one line observations are the perfect size for a tweet. The Massachusetts Historical Society has started a Twitter page for him and are publishing his "tweets" two hundred years after they were written. As my husband said, "Truly there is nothing new under the sun."

6) We were having a discussion at the dinner table and my older daughter was complaining about a behavior of someone she found annoying when my husband said, "To each his own."

"What did you say?"

"To each his own."

"What does that mean anyway?" she asked.

"What does it mean? To. . .each. . .his. . .own," he said, enunciating each word carefully, "

"OH! I always thought it was some foreign phrase. You know, tawichi zone?"

The same girl asked about the "forks" that were used in her brother's birth. You think we should have her hearing checked?

7) My husband and I celebrate our 23rd anniversary on Sunday. He booked us a ride on a dinner train for the afternoon and a night away from the kids. Isn't he a good guy? We're even batting out of church early to make the train which is no small feat since he's the worship pastor. Thank you, honey! I love you!

That's all she wrote on this Friday, friends. Have a little fun this weekend and take a peek at some other Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Jaime Kubik said...

I love your Quick Takes! Especially the story about Kels. What a kid! Hope you and Kevin have a great time on your train ride!

Marie said...

Here's some traffic! Here via conversion diary, but I think your content is very compelling, so there.

What does it mean, then, if the buttons on my microwave are all worn clean?

When I taught school, I'll never forget one student writing "alitopet". As in, I'd like alitopet of ketchup, please.

e-Mom said...

Losing lots of letters on my keyboard too! Totally gone: h,l,n, m. Partial: s,c, <, >.

A ride on a dinner train? Delightful! Happy 23rd Tami. :~D

Linda said...

Anytime you are feeling a little less than you want, glance my way. My wrinkles and rolls are sure to give you a boost in confidence. You always look good. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Happy Anniversary.

Kate Wicker @ Momopoly said...

More traffic... Seriously, I think you hit the nail on the head when you wrote, "Maybe it's just fine for each of us to reach our own little corner of the world." If all the whole pack of Christian bloggers just does that, we just might have the world covered!

Great Takes, and thanks for wandering over to my block of Blogville as well.


Rachelle said...

Hope you guys have a fantastic time!! I'll be sure to stay clear of you in your Honda! Love from MO. BTW, I haven't looked good all week.

Brenda said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope your trip is great!