Friday, August 21, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Volume 47)

1) Being the aware, completely competent person that I am, Monday morning I turned my oven on to cook something.

"Mom," my youngest commented, quite calmly, "the oven's smoking again." (You think this has happened a few too many times?)

Guess who forgot to clean up the remains of her Strawberry Shortcake Cake drama?

2) I hope you'll indulge me a bit and let me brag on my kids. I'm so proud and happy for them.

Our son made the snare line at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, the home of the Huskers. It's a pretty impressive feat to be one of eight snares at a school that size. We are so excited for him. He has worked hard for years in hopes of playing on a line like this. We're going to an exhibition tonight and I know I'll shed a few tears. Our little Keygan whacking a drum in Memorial Stadium. Wow.

His sister, his biggest fan, followed in his footsteps a few years ago, taking up drums during marching band season. Technically she's an oboe player, but there aren't too many marching oboes, you know (or oboe players who march-HA). She started on bass drum and has practiced her fool head off, just like her brother, to the point that she is now the center stick of her high school drum line--the lead snare player. She's a junior and plays snare with two senior boys, but she isn't intimidated. Remember, I dubbed her Attila at one time. (She told me this week she mentioned that to some of her drum line buddies and they howled about it. Yep, I pegged her.) But I think she needs a new name. I'd like to call her I-Am-Woman-Hear-Me-Roar, but that's a pain in the wazoo to type. Any suggestions?

3) I thought you'd be interested to see the bountiful harvest from my garden.

Yep, that's pretty much it. Watch out, Martha Stewart! I am a domestic DIVA, I tell you.

4) My husband and my daughter were getting texts from our oldest, updating them on the status of the drum line auditions. I started complaining that once he leaves the house, Drummer Boy forgets all about his mother.

"But Mom," says the sister who gets all the texts, "You're the frosting on his cake."

Do you see how my children mock me?

5) Hold on to your hats, people. I did it. I had "the talk" with Miss Innocent One. I found myself alone at home with her one night last weekend and took it as a sign to take the plunge. After the initial giggles and blushing, it went fine, although I wish I would have recorded it because I keep wondering EXACTLY what I told her and if I was clear enough.

Now I find myself feeling a little paranoid. We've already had two of our kids say, "Mom, we know what's happening when your bedroom door is shut." Now they ALL know. Did I mention I emphasized it is a HEALTHY part of marriage? Gotta cover all my bases.

6) In honor of school starting this week, we instituted a new rule at our house. We've always lived by the rule "No t.v. until EVERYONE is done with their homework," but true inspiration hit me this week when I asked my family to change the rule to "No t.v. until after dinner, period." Those hours between school and dinner are my worst time of day. It's always full of activity and noise, putting my already draggy body on edge. But for the last two days with no t.v., the noise level has been seriously reduced. HEAVEN!! This lady is a much calmer woman from 4-7 now, making for an all around better mom. Why didn't we think of this before?

I'm pretty sure there will be no t.v. in heaven, unless it is nonstop episodes of The Office or So You Think You Can Dance minus the practice session montages. I know Judge Judy won't be playing in heaven, because there won't be any need to warn people of the dangers of stupidity.

7) Those of you who remember my closet woes, will be happy to know I'm biting off small chunks in organizing my house. I've cleaned out just one drawer or cabinet a couple times this week, telling myself I'll do this one thing only and get on with my day. It's making me feel so much better! And it only takes 15-20 minutes to do. I need to get in the habit now of doing one little job each day. Maybe by Christmas my house will be super efficient and lovely. A girl can dream, can't she?

I would totally be stripped of my Domestic Diva status if I took pictures of my closets. They're so bad, I'm embarrassed to do it, which after some of the pics you've seen this week, should tell you something.

Here's hoping your closets are in better shape than mine. Have a great weekend and visit more Quick Takers at Conversion Diary.


Jaime Kubik said...

How about Joan instead of Attilla? (Joan of Arc?) I mean, talk about a tough cookie who didn't let men imtimidate her!

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh about the closet(s)... mine are awful. Really, I'd probably make you feel better about yours if I took photos.

Good luck chipping away at the organizing. I'm going to take on the same project eventually. I think.

Rachelle said...

Congrats to Keygan!!

Maude comes to mind for Kelsi.

And, your produce looks pitiful!!

Denise Hughes said...

Love the no TV until after dinner. A quieter house always soothes my raw nerves.

And, actually, I think your idea about taking pictures of our closets is brilliant! Can you just imagine? If I knew that I had to post a picture online of my closets, then I would totally get to work! Talk about accountability. Hmmm, there's an analogy in here somewhere.

Thanks for your post today. Your words are always uplifting.

Denise Hughes :)

Dianne said...

You never fail to make me laugh out loud, Tammy! Congrats on your kid's accomplishment and having the talk! When we were kids, we lived next door to my gram. Often on Saturday mornings, my mom would shoo us off to Gram's, saying she needed to have a conversation with my dad! Years later, we figured it out. (Only "conversation" was probably too broad a term, since that's what she also called our discipline sessions - oops!)