Friday, September 11, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Volume 50)

1) Drummer Boy made his debut at the University of Nebraska last Saturday. Pretty exciting stuff. Husker football is huge in our state and known for its streak of sellout games, 298 so far. Memorial Stadium seats 85,000, making it the third largest city in Nebraska on a game day. It's over five times the population of the town we live in! Can you imagine what it would feel like to step onto that field with 85,000 people cheering you on? Drummer Boy got to experience it firsthand and thanks to some very generous friends we got to watch him do it. Wow. God is good!

Having a kid on the Husker drum line is causing my husband some grief as he's made it known he's not a huge football fan (proven by the shirts he bought for us to wear!). Poor guy had to endure all kinds of ribbing about actually attending a football game. Don't you love how opportunities for humility abound?

2) Feeling guilty inspired because of my friend, Nicki, and her tales on Facebook of her organizational escapades, I got three more drawers and a MAJOR messy closet cleaned out this week. SCORE ME (or Nicki?)!

3) Wondering where we're at in the Facebook war? (Or wishing we'd move on already?) It's neck and neck. We've been back and forth with the lead all week, but at the time of publication we were TIED! Because we've had little contests like this before, I know there will be no end in sight until one of us completely puts the other in the dust. Let's let it be him. Send me suggestions, people!

4) The Ladies Bible study groups I'm a part of started this week--with a bang! WOO HOO! I'm super excited to see what God's going to teach us and to bond with some people I don't know very well. I'm inspired by the women in my Bible study groups. As they share their hearts and empathize with one another, I often sense the Holy Spirit among us. When women open up about their weaknesses or struggles and their desire to overcome them, others come alongside both physically and in prayer and I understand what the Body of Christ is supposed to look like.

Thank you, my Bible study friends. You have impacted my life with your desire, your understanding, your insight and your love. I look forward to what God will do in our midst this fall.

5) Our fruit fly infestation is tapering. I don't know what brought 'em and I don't know what took 'em, but I'm glad to see them go. There's nothing that screams "You must be a horrible housekeeper" like a swarm of fruit flies.

6) My nephews taught Ladies Man's how to ride a RipStik last weekend. A RipStik is like a skateboard with less surface area (Click on the name to see a picture.). I'm sure Ladies Man could recite many more distinguishing characteristics for you, but hey, I'm the mom who's not expected to know anything. I may as well be stupid about it and give him one more thing to roll his eyes over. Anyway, in the learning process, Ladies Man had a major wipe out on said RipStik, bruising BOTH elbows (we're talking bruises with four inch diameters!) and generally demolishing his knee. The scrape is a little bigger than a half-dollar and the multi-colored bruise covers half his leg! We're STILL icing the leg down every night and changing bandages three times a day. Of course he thinks it's "awesome," making him look tough, and has been begging me all week to let him buy his own RipStik.

I'd show you a picture of Ladies Man's coveted wound, but if you read the blog on Tuesday, you'll recall my new camera is already busted. Poop. The tragedy occurred while Drama Queen and Ladies Man were trying to document their exciting Labor Day activities for Facebook. Don't ask me why that included a plastic bowl, water and dishwashing liquid, but they were giggling and having a good time instead of talking about how bored they were, so whatever. Somehow the camera got knocked off the counter and the lens bent, preventing it from closing. We can't even turn the puppy on anymore. Anybody know of a place we could take it?

7) I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the the horrible anniversary this day brings. I remember the queasiness in my stomach after hearing of the World Trade Center. I wondered if it marked the end of the world, or at least the end of the world as we knew it. I worried my life would drastically change and feared what it may mean for my kids. Thankfully my greatest fears were not realized, but I must say I do miss the way it caused people to flock into churches and appeal to God. I found it ironic to have a National Prayer Meeting called and televised, when prayer is not allowed in our schools. Yet, no one objected. As crazy as it sounds, I miss the days when we truly came as one nation under God to seek His favor and protection.

That's a wrap this beautiful Friday morning. Take a gander at more Quick Takes by visiting Conversion Diary.


Rachelle said...

Amen to #7!! In spite of the great tragedy America suffered that day, it was an awesome, powerful feeling to know everyone was looking to God for answers and strength. Oh, to think about how things could be if only He was searched out and looked to all the time by our country. Have a good weekend friend!

Tracy said...

#1 - I have a percussionist in my household too, though only a HS soph. and he's #1 in the pit instead of being a drummer. It's been fun to go to the HS games and watch. I can only imagine going to a college game like that, wow!

#7 - that irony has made me wonder from time to time. Why we can have a National Prayer Meeting and not many think twice, but let a child pray??? heavens, the horror! I wish that this day had never happened anyway.

e-Mom said...

Go Huskers! That must be a real thrill for your son... and an appropriate way to get Dad involved in music on the football fields!

Fruitflies... yes, they spell horrible homemaker to me too. Bananas are usually the culprit. Ugh. Glad you've successfully shoooooed them away.

Have a wonderful weekend. :~D

e-Mom said...

P.S. Our son has seasons tickets to the UW "Huskies" football games. Similar name!