Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Tricky Temptation

“We deny Jesus every time we disregard His truth and put ourselves down. That hurts us. We deny Him every time we fail to see our value in Him. That hurts us. We deny Him every time we continue to hang on to our self-condemning thoughts and lies. That hurts us too. And then, it’s as if Jesus turns and looks straight at us with His eyes of love and compassion, and something dawns on us. We have, in a sense, denied our Lord Jesus, and I wonder if that hurts Him.”

by Marilyn Hontz
Shame Lifter
Ow. Ow. Ow.

I'm guilty, VERY guilty, I-have-no-business-writing-this-post guilty.

But I know I'm not alone. Show me any woman and I'll show you someone who struggles with self-image. The problem is not in understanding we are uniquely made in God's image, but in believing it.

My head knows I am "fearfully and wonderfully made," but my mirror reveals dark circles under my wrinkled eyes. My thighs still dimple after countless hours on elliptical machines, exercise bikes, crosstrainers, miles around the track and hundreds of pounds lifted faithfully. My spirit cringes every time I say something stupid. I am smack dab in the middle of my failures every stinkin' moment. I know who I am.

I'm not trying to deny Jesus or tell Him He did a bad job on me.

Or am I?

Oh boy, we've got to stop, ladies. Our self-centered attitudes are hampering His work. What's a woman who loves her God and desperately wants to please Him to do? It's as easy as ABC.

Allow and delight in the gifts of others.
As much as I would like to, I will never be a professional dancer, but I can take pleasure in watching the grace in others. Instead of envying her beautiful skin, I should enjoy the view. Her insightful comments should bring a smile to my face.

Believe the Truth.
I AM fearfully and wonderfully made. He has given me special skills and talents. HE enables me. He is the reason I can do or be anything. I am everything in Him.

Change my focus.
Where am I looking? Am I concentrating on myself or a perfect God who lives in me?

Deny the lies.
Do dark circles and wrinkles, dimpled thighs or mistakes make me unusable or unworthy? Perhaps He shines brighter because of my weaknesses. His glory is clearly seen through our inadequacies.

Eliminate wandering eyes.
God's wasn't looking around when He made me. It isn't fair to myself or others when I try to compare results of His work.

I know this is tough, friends. Believe me, I know (you IRL friends are fully aware of my struggles)! But if we don't work on it, how are we failing God?

Lord, we are guilty. I am guilty. Forgive us. Show us clearly who we are in You. Enable our hearts and minds to believe it. Give us the proper perspective. And use us as You see fit. May we be faithful.

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MiPa said...

Amen. And amen again. Aren't we all guilty of this?

I love, love, love your ABCDE solution. Might even be easy enough for me to remember.

Thank you friend.

Karen said...

"Ouch" is right, I'm guilty as charged too. We need to stop it and get on track with Jesus! Thanks so much for your words of wisdom.

Jaime Kubik said...

WONDERFUL POST!! Thank you for reminding me that I am "fearfully and wonderfully made!" I do forget it on a regular basis!

Patricia said...

Ok, me too! Ow, ow, ow! Now, Tami, I am in the middle of a redo of Typing One-Handed and it will feature some favorite blog posts each week. I would like to include this post as a static link for a while. I hope to launch the re-do by October 1. I love the ABCs you wrote. Would it be ok to plug your blog in? I'm so excited about the new spot for Typing One-Handed because I will get to feature the beautiful work God has given to so many talented people.

Tami Boesiger said...

Patricia, plug away. I'd love to be a link on your blog. Thanks.