Monday, October 19, 2009

Two Magic Words

Would you believe me if I told you two words could transform your relationships? Do you think it's possible for two words to melt the hardest of hearts and mend hurt feelings? Can two words really be the start to healing wounds from the past?

I think so. I know two words which pack a big punch and aren't too hard to say. What are they? What two words, when used sincerely and consistently (this is key!) can guarantee relational success?

Thank you.

Thank you builds others up and shows love. Aside from making them feel appreciated and noticed, thank you communicates important messages.

Thank you says I needed you.
I've been helping my sister edit essays for graduate school applications. She's more than capable of doing it herself, but she asks for my help and thanks me over and over. I like it. Her gratefulness makes me feel necessary. We all want to feel needed and think we've offered something no one else can. Saying thank you gives that boost.

Thank you says I recognize your sacrifice.
One of the advantages to having teens is having an extra driver in the family. If my driving son or daughter runs an errand for me or picks up a sibling I make sure to thank them and they are always game to do it again. I've never had to haggle with them about it. When I express my gratitude they know I understand it puts a crinkle in their plans. Because I recognize their sacrifice, they're willing to give it.

Thank you says I like what you did (insinuating I wouldn't mind if you did it again).
After an especially busy day last week, I finally had a moment to sit at my computer around 10:00 that night. Though my husband would rather watch television at the end of a day, he left it off, knowing my idea of relaxing is a quiet house. You better believe I thanked him for the peace! I want to encourage this behavior for the future!

Thank you.

They are not empty words. Try using it this week and see how it improves your relationships.


Linda said...

I was killing myself tearing out carpet tack boards in my daughter's room getting ready to lay a new floor. She said "thank you for working so hard on my room". It brought tears to my eyes.

I should remember how good it made me feel and say thank you more often.

Betsy Markman said...

Thank you for this wonderful reminder. I know I needed to hear it. I find it easy to thank some people, and not so easy to thank others. A touch of pride there, you think?