Monday, April 05, 2010

Fifteen Minute Marriage Work

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I missed him at lunch.

I got home late and he was already back at work. I'd missed him the day before too and as silly as it sounds, something about not seeing him all day two days in a row made me sad. So I found myself in the Dairy Queen drive thru, ordering him a root beer freeze, looking for any excuse to pop in on him at work.

The small gesture was totally worth it when I peeked into his office and he beamed. As a worship pastor his time is a high commodity during Holy Week, yet still he shut his laptop and asked me to sit down a little bit. He wanted to know how my morning went, flashing me that look of value, his eyes sparkling, his face lit up, his laugh falling in all the right places.

I didn't stay long, but our few moments in his office refreshed my droopy spirit. His smile and warm goodbye told me he liked it too. He tells me often it takes so very little to make women happy. All they need to know, he says, is that they've been thought of. I've always agreed and thanked God for a husband who recognizes that. Our brief encounter last week tells me men are not all that different.

It takes so very little to say I love you.

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kpjara said...

It is the little things that say "I love you" to me...much more than the grand gestures.

Denise said...


Rachelle said...

He is soo right. "All they need to know, is that they've been thought of". Good job Nancy!!

Hey!! and thanks for yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Gollllllyy... what a man. Totally digging this post. *smiling broadly*

Let's share a rootbeer float sometime, OK?

Thanks once again for linking up for Marriage Monday, Tami.


Mac an Rothaich said...

Oh so true. As different as my man and I can be we both go so well together because we both enjoy one anothers presence so much!

Constance said...

It's the small gestures rather than the grandiose that can make all the difference in the world. Romance is needed daily! It doesn't have to be a BIG deal, something small like that lights up the heart like nothing else! Thanks for sharing!

Julie The Surrendered Scribe said...

Wonderful post. I know I often talked myself out of those things thinking I was bothering him. It took years before I realized it wasn't my choice to make, and he's been so good about saying perfect timing, so glad you did this or I'm sorry, I so wish I could enjoy this but I'm on deadline, but next week I owe you a raincheck, etc...

What a perfect idea with the float, too!

Lynn said...

Oh Tami,

This is a delightful and beautiful peek into your amazing marriage. Love you girl. You ALWAYS inspire me. Hugs.