Monday, June 07, 2010

Our Honeymoon: Enough Memories to Last a Lifetime

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What do you think of when you think of your honeymoon? Was it good, bad, monumental, disappointing? What feelings do your memories conjure up? I actually wrote a post last summer about traveling with my husband, detailing some of our honeymoon memories. You can read that post here.

So rather than regurgitate old information for this post, I dug out some photos. Everyone likes to see some pictures as long as they have control over how long it takes, right? You are free to scroll through these at your own pace and enjoy or heckle or applaud or throw tomatoes, whatever trips your trigger. Remember you're in control here.

For our honeymoon, we took a trip to the Bahamas (thank you, Mom!). We stayed at the Lighthouse Beach Hotel right across the street from the ocean.

Here's the view from our room and balcony.

Doesn't it just make you sigh?

One day we rented a scooter and rode all over the island. Here's the only friends we made there (if you don't count the guy who invited us to a party our first hour there, saying, "Are you going to the party? There's gonna be coke. Are you going? To the party? Come on to the party. Come on. There's going to be coke. You wanna go to the party. It'll be fun at the party. Are you going to the party?" Yeah, I think he'd already had enough "coke," thank you very much.) We bought peanuts or something from these cuties.

One place we rode our motor scooter was a swanky resort we couldn't afford to stay in. Kevin got a shot of me there. Don't you love the 80's look I've got going on?! Dig that flipped up collar. Wow.

One day we bought passes for a day trip to a private island. As we pulled up to it I couldn't help humming, "Just sit right back and we'll tell a tale, a tale of a fateful trip. . .a three hour cruise, a three hour cruise. . .here on Gilligan's Isle."

We spent the day here with other tourists, being served an authentic Bahamian lunch, getting very sunburned snorkeling and relaxing in the double hammocks.

Though I'm not crazy about living in my swimsuit (it's not my best look, you know), we sure did that week. I don't know if it was the lack of anyone I knew that made it okay, or that my new husband only had eyes for me, but whatever the case it worked to my advantage. Look at this awesome tan!

Though we were sunburned and slightly injured from a scooter crash, we never forgot why we were there. Hello, it was our HONEYMOON! Those of you with squeamish stomachs may want to turn your head away for the next pic. Forgive me if it's completely inappropriate, but I just love it. How many couples have pictures of themselves in bed on their honeymoon?!

No, we didn't make fast friends with the housekeepers and invite them to take this picture, although it's not for their lack of trying. One day we came back to our room to find two housekeepers sitting in our room smoking. As we timidly approached, one said, "Is this your room?" After our affirmation, they said, "Well, come on in!" They finished their smoke and conversation and then left.

But we weren't close enough to ask them to take our half naked picture together. That would just be weird. Instead we took a half naked picture of ourselves with the self timer on our camera. Because that's so much more respectable. And not weird at all.

Yes, our honeymoon was glorious and memorable with great scenes like this swelling our hearts, lighting the flames of romance, encouraging us to consummate our union. Sigh. (Please, no gagging from the peanut gallery!)

We're coming up on our 25th anniversary next year and we've got plans for a trip of some kind. I'm super stoked. This trip will be even better with a little age and experience under our belts. Plus, I'm still crazy about the guy.

Maybe you like reading sappy stories about honeymoons. If so, click over to more tales at our Marriage Monday site, Chrysalis, hosted by one of the world's most generous bloggers, e-Mom. And how about doing a little reminiscing of your own? Grab your husband and think back to your honeymoon. What made yours memorable?


April said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like you made some wonderful memories!

Amy Bayliss said...

Wow! The Bahamas? What a trip!! I love the pictures and can I just say that I can't stop laughing at the self-timed, half-naked picture. That is so funny! :)

MiPa said...

Awesome walk down memory lane. Love the pictures!

Joyfull said...

What a great honeymoon! Beautiful beaches and pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Faith said...

great post and pics! AND hAPPY 25 YEARS!!

Mac an Rothaich said...

Lol, wow about that one pic;) Good for you though! Love that you said you are still crazy for your man, that is awesome!

Rachelle said...

Tami you look sooo much like DQ in the picture in bed, and Kevin, well to quote someone in my family, "Tami looks like Keygan, and Kevin, well he just looks like a creep". Sorry, but I busted out laughing when he said it, so I had to share. Love you both!! PS. It will probably be a looonnngg time now, before I ever show you any of my honeymoon photos, but there is one that has your bedroom one beat!

e-Mom said...

Well, what a generous Mom you have! Yikes, the Bahamas. How gorgeous. We still haven't made it to the Caribbean yet... dreamin' dreamin'

LOVE that pic of you two in bed... and how appropriate for a honeymoon. :~D

Your guy is a really cute one! You scored Tami!

Thanks for sharing your joy. Here's to your 25 years together, and at least another 25 years after that!

Love you, e-Mom ღ

tonya said...

I loved seeing the pictures,Tami! They were great! Happy 25 years!

Constance said...

That's too funny about the maids smoking in your room! I LOVED the idea of the picture of the 2 of you in bed! It's respectable and not vomit-inducing at all. (Your kids might want to say otherwise!)

I remember that 80's look all too well! Can't wait to hear about you 25th Anniv trip!