Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Benefit of Watching Court TV

My family has this bad habit of watching court television shows while eating lunch. Before you think ill of me and call me an immoral pagan, let me tell you it opens up some great discussions with our kids about how NOT to conduct relationships.

Eighty percent of the property disputes deal with couples who were living together and split. Nearly every day I can get in a word about the dangers of cohabitation.

Me: Yep. There it is again. Do you see how many of these people's problems come from living with someone? Do you see how it doesn't work? Even Judge Judy says if they want to play house they should get married.

It's so easy to point out the errors in judgment and faulty thinking. The other day on Divorce Court, a woman went off about how her husband was the biggest baby in the world, the ultimate mama's boy. As she spoke I watched the demeanor of her husband and pointed it out to my daughters.

Me: You see? You see the way he's reacting to what she's saying. Look at him. He's getting angry. He can hardly stand there. Look at his shoulders starting to droop. See how she's making him feel like a little boy? No man wants to feel like a little boy. Men need respect. Are you hearing me, girls? Men need respect.

Every week someone's sad tale illustrates how sex before marriage can have life long consequences.

Me: Having a baby with that guy totally screwed up her life. She's tied to him forever and all for a temporary thrill. See what can happen? See?!

Judge Judy is a particular favorite of ours. She has taught us lessons like:

Don't lend money to family or friends to gain their love and appreciation. It's best not to expect them to pay you back.

Don't bail the bum out of jail and don't believe him when he says he'll pay you back as soon as he gets his tax return money.

No matter how sweet and trustworthy your new boyfriend seems, never hand over your credit card.

If it doesn't make sense, it's not true.

I could go on and on, but I'll spare you and explain our court TV addiction very simply.

Nothing showcases Truth, and the destruction which results from not following it, like real life. Court TV is a quick study in what NOT to do.

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jen said...

Judge Judy is my homegirl. I've actually done my Quick Takes on her before.