Wednesday, September 01, 2010

It Takes So Little

"I had to call you," he said, "You were someone who popped into my head when the pastor said to write down names of people who've molded you."

I racked my brain trying to figure out how I had done anything to mold this guy. I've taught high school, youth group and Bible studies in my life time, but he hadn't been part of any of them. He is my elder, someone I look up to.

"One day after church you said something. You might not even remember it, but you gave me a compliment that changed how I see myself. That comment was the beginning of me thinking I could minister to people."

A short interchange after church was enough to convince this man he could be used by God.

It takes so little to affect a life.

Another woman brought a piece of cardboard to Bible study. It came as a backing on a calendar she ordered. On the cardboard was a poem about being unique, the only one God created exactly like you. She told us she saved it and keeps it handy by her computer so she can pull it out and read it often.

A piece of cardboard most people discard changed the way she sees herself.

It takes so little to affect a life.

It motivates me to say the things I'm thinking when I talk to people. I should have told my friends how beautiful they were to me when we had lunch the other day. I should tell the guy on worship team what a great job he does. I should tell my daughter how I admire her spunk. I shouldn't hesitate to compliment the young woman on her gorgeous hair or let the guy who works so hard know that I notice.

It takes so little to affect a life.

How might you change someone's life today?

Photo Credit: Nestor M