Tuesday, August 31, 2010

FAR from Perfect and Used Anyway

Because I am loved by God, I can confess my flaws – laziness, grouchiness, self-doubt- and trust God to keep on transforming me. I no longer need to appear perfect to friends, family, and anyone who attends my high-school reunion.”
~Jan Johnson~

Oh boy. This is one of those quotes that makes me squirm a little.

I don't have trouble confessing my flaws to God. Not at all. I know who I am. And who I'm not. I learned a long time ago that without His intervention, my weaknesses will not go away. I need Him to make me better.

But I can't say in doing so that I lose my desire to look good to others. Heaven forbid anyone think bad of me. (See? Another flaw!) Does this mean I don't fully grasp how God loves me? Do I not understand His unique call on my life? Do I miss His every day workings, blinded by my own pursuit to be good in others' eyes?

I could miss the mark and stay stuck in self-centeredness, but God, in His loving, transforming power shows me time and time again it's okay to be me, flaws and all. There's a weird feeling of relief when I acknowledge my faults, releasing the pressure to be perfect. I suppose this is why I blog. It's my way of saying, "See? I'm not all that and God still loves me. God still shows me His goodness." I find when I openly talk about my shortcomings here, people relate. God uses me more when I admit to the whole world I am not perfect. God uses my failures, my mistakes, my flaws to display His power to overcome.

So I shouldn't be afraid to let others see the real me. For when they see me, they see the work God is doing and has done. When I let truly expose the real me, I show God's transforming work too.

What a picture of love, to take my weaknesses and use them for His good. God can be trusted to make the best of us and bring others closer to Him as He does it. Amazing.

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Chocolate and Coffee said...

Great post Tami! Thanks so much for participating today! Blessings friend!

Karen said...

That was really great. We are afraid of letting our "real" side show. Possibly because its not the best side of us. Isn't that sad. Praise the Lord we have Jesus to turn that bad side into a good one to match the side we do show everyone. Have a great day.

janet said...

Yes there is freedom in being ourselves.

"What a picture of love, to take my weaknesses and use them for His good." I love how it should be an oxymoron, but really isn't!