Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feeling Used

I'm feeling used.

Unexpected visits or phone calls, impromptu decisions of my own, and regularly scheduled activities fill my days. I'm going from 5:30 in the morning to at least 10:30 at night with little down time. Just as I scratch something off my "to do" list, next week's work requires it to go back on. It never ends. There's always something to do!

But in all the hubbub, I find moments of laughter, of beauty. My mind and spirit are stirred, making me feel fully engaged. In the busyness are opportunities which frighten me, and though I fear messing them up, I've come to recognize the thrill in my inadequacies. If I can't do it, and God asks me to, then He's going to have to step in, providing me with a front row seat to His work.

Sometimes I doubt my significance, my importance. I have no fancy title, no paycheck, nothing that this world values as impressive or noteworthy. But as I'm faithful to complete what God puts before me, as I continue to "go in" and give it my best shot, I feel His power. His POWER! I've sat in rooms with lots of people or only one person or completely alone and sensed His guiding touch. As I am faithful to perform the tasks in my path, no matter how unworthy the world finds them, there is validation and excitement.

I'm feeling used.

And loving it!

What is before you this day, my friend? Do it to the best of your ability. Look for His supernatural strength to guide you in your tasks. Let yourself be used.

And feel the thrill.

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Marsha Young said...

Good morning, Tami

You have given me another fine thought for the day! Thank you.

I am currently writing an essay on various meetings I have attended during my career, and one of the sub-topics is how attendees perceive their own significance during such meetings.

So, you go, girl! ...Marsha