Friday, May 13, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 133)

In honor of Friday the 13th, (or was it a Friday the 13th snafu?) Blogger was down for several hours Thursday and Friday. Sorry for the delay in posting today's Quick Takes.

1) The morning after Drummer Boy's 21st birthday, Kevin was on Facebook.

Kevin: Listen to Drummer Boy's status. "Thank you to the 158 of you that wished me a happy birthday! Meant a lot :) I had ZERO alcohol and have been writing music outside for the past hour. What a ridiculously good idea it turned out to be."

Drama Queen: What a dweeb.

Ladies Man: He's turning into Dad.

Ouch. Stupid teenagers. Being their dad is not such a bad thing, plus I'm proud of Drummer Boy for sticking to his convictions about drinking, especially since he hid out to do so!

2) I did some growing up of my own this week when I became a great aunt! (I'm growing up, not getting old, remember?) Congratulations to our niece Brooke and her husband Andrew on the arrival of their daughter, Finley Elisa. We can't wait to meet her in person and are hating the fact that they live in Texas right now. Our thoughts and prayers and fist pumps are with you guys!

3) Apparently Miss Innocent One is getting over the loss of her gerbil Daisy.

Ladies Man: Did you know dogs can get depressed? We heard this story about a guy who had two dogs and one of them died and the other one got real lazy and fat, so the guy took it to the vet who said it was definitely depressed after losing its companion.

Me: What do you do for a depressed dog?

Miss Innocent One: You nurture it?

Kevin: Are you nurturing Maizy now that she's lost her companion?

Miss Innocent One: She doesn't need nurturing. She was EATING her companion! Obviously she was not too upset about it. Although she did seem a little sad the next day.

Kevin: Maybe she was just hungry.

4) I was minding my own business, making dinner for my family when I glanced outside to see this.

Why is he on top of the van, you ask? Who knows?! Drama Queen put it best when she said, "This is why we're the freak family in town!"

5) It's been an awesome week for my anti-hoarding campaign. I cleaned out my refrigerator, a gross utensil drawer, my downstairs refrigerator and freezer, the kids' medicine chest, and threw out old toys from our upstairs porch. It's amazing how motivated a person can get when they know tons of people are coming to their house. There's a bonus to having your graduation party in your home.

6) Kevin made a video for Drama Queen's graduation. As we were watching it the other night, Kevin stopped and said, "Hey, look. It's a live plant that's green and everything."

He's such a comedian. I was not amused. It's not like he waters the stupid things either.

7) It's going to be an emotional weekend, folks. Seeing Drama Queen in her robe for Baccalaureate brought the first tears. Then Kevin made me watch that video (sniff, sniff). We'll have our party Saturday, and on Sunday a special service honoring the seniors along with Commencement later in the day. How did we get here?!

I keep telling myself it's the natural order of life. It's a good thing. She's ready to move on. I'm anxious to see where God takes her. But it's still a little sad. My baby is grown. Sigh.

Drama Queen, we know you'll do great. You've got a good head on your shoulders. Go with God. Work hard. Remember you can always come home. We love you tons.

That's all I got today, friends. Catch more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Marsha Young@Spots and Wrinkles said...

Good luck with the grad party. Sounds like fun.

Also, perhaps you could drop by and give my LOC (Lovable Old Coot) anti-hoarding lessons?

I mean really, who needs 200 plastic bags and the green tie-thingies?
Happy Friday the 13th!

Annette said...

Had fun seeing your family. I can hardly believe that Kelsi is soon headed off to college. We'll have to head down your way again for some fellowship over coffee sometime.